Monday, October 31, 2011

On Getting Our Feet Wet on Washington's Wet Side: Tacoma''s first direct teaching campaign

How much we have learned about direct teaching in neighborhoods since we first put our toe in the water in this campaign centered on Tacoma's Hilltop.


More from The Wayback Machine. There is a rich history here of ... 56 and that's a lot ... video clips of reflections by believers learning to teach directly and reflecting on the experience taken a few years back. Oh, we have come so far!
I experienced some of the most satisfying direct teaching during our last intensive with my team in Puyallup. The prayers and study of the writings on teaching we did in the morning prepared us to be inspired as we stood on the doorsteps of several apartment residents near Arlene's home and engaged in deep spiritual conversations. -gw

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On One Voice Press: Poetry and stories

This from Dale Lehman...
One Voice Press is a new Baha'i publishing company based Baltimore, Maryland. It has just released its first title in July, "The Flower at the End of the World," a poetry and short fiction collection by David Erickson.
A forthcoming release is "Return to Tyendinaga" by Evelyn Loft Watts and Patricia Verge, the biography of the first Canadian Native American Baha'is, Jim and Melba Loft, who, after encountering the Bahá'í Faith in Marysville, Michigan, returned to their homeland, the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory east of Toronto, Ontario, to teach their fellow Native Americans about the young religion.
More on the Lofts in this YouTube of a grandaughter. -gw

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William has been sending a daily email to the friends with the text of the talks by Abdu'l-Baha's given 100 years ago. -gw 
4 Avenue de Camoens,Paris:
4 Avenue de Camoens,
October 31st
The Divine Reality is Unthinkable, Limitless, Eternal, Immortal and Invisible.
The world of creation is bound by natural law, finite and mortal.
The Infinite Reality cannot be said to ascend or descend. It is beyond the understanding of man, and cannot be described in terms which apply to the phenomenal sphere of the created world.
Man, then, is in extreme need of the only Power by which he is able to receive help from the Divine Reality, that Power alone bringing him into contact with the Source of all life.
An intermediary is needed to bring two extremes into relation with each other. Riches and poverty, plenty and need: without an intermediary power there could be no relation between these pairs of opposites.
So we can say there must be a Mediator between God and Man, and this is none other than the Holy Spirit, which brings the created earth into relation with the 'Unthinkable One', the Divine Reality.
The Divine Reality may be likened to the sun and the Holy Spirit to the rays of the sun. As the rays of the sun bring the light and warmth of the sun to the earth, giving life to all created beings, so do the 'Manifestations'[of God] bring the power of the Holy Spirit from the Divine Sun of Reality to give light and life to the souls of men.
Behold, there is an intermediary necessary between the sun and the earth; the sun does not descend to the earth, neither does the earth ascend to the sun. This contact is made by the rays of the sun which bring light and warmth and heat.
The Holy Spirit is the Light from the Sun of Truth bringing, by its infinite power, life and illumination to all mankind, flooding all souls with Divine Radiance, conveying the blessings of God's Mercy to the whole world. The earth, without the medium of the warmth and light of the rays of the sun, could receive no benefits from the sun.
Likewise the Holy Spirit is the very cause of the life of man; without the Holy Spirit he would have no intellect, he would be unable to acquire his scientific knowledge by which his great influence over the rest of creation is gained. The illumination of the Holy Spirit gives to man the power of thought, and enables him to make discoveries by which he bends the laws of nature to his will.
The Holy Spirit it is which, through the mediation of the Prophets of God, teaches spiritual virtues to man and enables him to attain Eternal Life.
All these blessings are brought to man by the Holy Spirit; therefore we can understand that the Holy Spirit is the Intermediary between the Creator and the created. The light and heat of the sun cause the earth to be fruitful, and create life in all things that grow; and the Holy Spirit quickens the souls of men.
The two great apostles, St Peter and St John the Evangelist, were once simple, humble workmen, toiling for their daily bread. By the Power of the Holy Spirit their souls were illumined, and they received the eternal blessings of the Lord Christ.
 Abdu'l-Baha, Paris Talks
Thanks, William.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

On Where the Answer Lies: We are spirits in the material world

Currently my musical tastes are most influenced by The Baha'i Inspired Music Listeners Club on Facebook, what music lover Lisa Miller likes and posts about (also on FB), and anything songster Katharine Key, coming to the Pacific Northwest in November, is up to. -gw

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Baha'i Views (dot) net: Still working after all these years

What do people come to Baha'i Views for? Thanks to Sitemeter, which tracks visits and keyword searches, I can tell you that today someone came looking for "bahai beliefs for raising children." He or she dropped down on, then clicked on these links. -gw

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On Profit-sharing: Through copartnership the interests of both capital and labor are best served

My cousin Tom was describing his company benefits, one of which is profit-sharing. -gw
It is by friendly consultation and cooperation, by just copartnership and profit-sharing, that the interests of both capital and labor will be best served. The harsh weapons of the strike and lockout are injurious, not only to the trades immediately affected, but to the community as a whole. It is, therefore, the business of the governments to devise means for preventing recourse to such barbarous methods of settling disputes.
The tour which the Haskins-Green counsins took of Tom's aerospace industry plant was fascinating and eye-opening. -gw

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On Seeing How It All Fits Together: The Baha'i institute process

Gwen speaks to the overall continuity of the core activities, here describing how partipation in Junior Youth groups gives way to involvement in a study circle.
Seeing how everything fits together -- it's more inspiration for chosing to participate in the Baha'i institute process.
Listen to the lively and loving discussion! -gw

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On 100 Years Ago: The news of the Battle of Benghazi grieves my heart

October 21, 1911, Saturday, Paris: The pitiful causes of war, and the duty of everyone to strive for peace.

'Abdu'l-Bahá said:

I hope you are happy and well. I am not happy, but very sad.  The news of the Battle of Benghazi grieves my heart. I wonder at the human savagery that still exists in the world. How is it possible for men to fight from  morning until evening, killing each other, shedding the blood of their fellow-men: And for what object? To gain possession of a part of the earth! Even the animals. when they fight, have an immediate and more reasonable cause for their attacks! How terrible it is that men, who are of the higher kingdom, can descend to slaying and bringing misery their fellow-beings, for the possession of a tract of land!. . . . 

I charge you all that each one of you concentrate all the thoughts of your heart on love and unity.  When a  thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a  more powerful thought of love.  Thoughts of war bring destruction to all harmony, well-being, restfulness and  content.

Thoughts of love are constructive of brotherhood, peace, friendship, and happiness. . . .
#45 - 100 Years Ago -- "Abdu'l-Bahá continues His talks in Paris — October 20 and 21, 1911

Source: Paris Talks, Addresses given by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in 1911, 9 Pines Publishing, Canada,
        © The Bahá’í Publishing Trust, London, 1995 edition.
Libya is in the news today. Libya was in the news 100 years ago. War is complicated, civil war even more so. More from John Conkling's postings on what Abdu'l-Baha was doing a century ago. -gw
Events in Libya in 2011 courtesy of Google images

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Better Get Ready: Look to Your Soul

All right, Lisa, the lyrics are to "Crystal Blue Pursuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells. Do I win the prize? -gw

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On the Art of Spiritual Conversation: What if she's an atheist?

More inspiration for having spiritual conversations. With an atheist? No problem. -gw

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On Baha'i Feast in Tacoma: Love and legos

So glad Kim, Gianna, Trejon, and Gilmar were all able to come to the Baha'i Feast at Jeanne and Colleen's. Trejon and Gilmar build tall towers. -gw

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On a Tutor Reflection Meeting Done Right: Incorporating what we learn along the way

‎Here are 45 photos from a recent Baha'i Tutor Reflection Meeting in Pierce County, Washington. Tutors facilitate Baha'i study circles. -gw

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On Analyzing Human Resources: The existing pool plus the emerging pool

It's all about flow. The Baha'i institute process for distance learning is a ... process. The emerging pool of resources becomes the existing pool. -gw

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Monday, October 24, 2011

On Learning Prayers Through Song: YouTube as Baha'i karaoke

The lastest post up on The Baha'i-Inspired Music Listeners Club on Facebook features this video. The Baha'i-Inspired Music Listerers Club, has not only the best name for a music appreciation group, but is also THE BEST place to find music related to the Baha'i Faith..

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On Songs From the Very Beginning: Teaching the essence of faith

Gianna and the children and youth gathered at children's class in Kim and Charles' home learn a Baha'i song. It's community-building at it's most basic. -gw

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On Fortified With Knowledge: A natural consequence of study circle participation

Gwen and Dawn address how participants come to share basic knowledge of spiritual development and central Baha'i themes through their participation in Ruhi Books 1 and 2 and the sequence of courses. It gives standardization and systemization a whole new meaning. -gw

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On the Financial Crisis in the World: The Baha'i perspective can be heard in the Vatican's proposal

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican called Monday for radical reform of the world's financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy.

A proposal by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace calls for a new world economic order based on ethics and the "achievement of a universal common good." It follows Pope Benedict XVI's 2009 economic encyclical that denounced a profit-at-all-cost mentality as responsible for the global financial meltdown.

The proposal acknowledges, however, that a "long road still needs to be traveled before arriving at the creation of a public authority with universal jurisdiction" and suggests the reform process begin with the United Nations as a point of reference.
Tom called my attention to the news story above. The significance of the current financial crisis in the world has been a subject Baha'is have addressed repeatedly.  -gw
Dr. Augusto Lopez-Claros, an international economist and a member of the Baha’i community, gave a lunch-time talk at the BIC, examining the global financial crisis and its implications for global governance. The crisis in the financial system, which experienced fifty years of economic growth, has led to widespread questioning of the sustainability of our economic system. In an article for the Financial Times (11 March 2009), economist Amartya Sen argued that the question is "not so much about the end of capitalism as about the nature of capitalism and the need for change." Sen highlighted that Adam Smith talked about the importance of "broader values for the choice of behavior, as well as the importance of institutions." Dr. Lopez-Claros went on to address weaknesses in the financial sector; new challenges arising from the crisis; current mechanisms for international cooperation, and future prospects for global governance.

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On a New Documentary on the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education: Film debuts at Columbia University

Dear Baha'i Views -

I'm the director of new documentary, co-presented by Amnesty International, on the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education in Iran.  I hope that you will please take a look at the Kickstarter funding appeal for this project, and consider sharing it with folks you know.  Education Under Fire profiles the persecution on the Baha'is of Iran, with a special focus on growth, struggle, and resilient spirit of the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education.  As you may know, seven BIHE faculty were just sentence to long prison terms - just for trying to teach.  The film debuts at Columbia University on October 28, and will then screen at campuses and Amnesty International events around the country.   In addition, this effort led to a powerful letter co-authored by Nobel Peace Prize laureates José Manuel Ramos-Horta and Desmond Tutu that calls for the Iranian government to respect education opportunity and human rights of Iran Baha'is.  President Ramos-Horta also filmed a video appeal on behalf of iran's Baha'is.  You can see all this on the new website at:

The Education Under Fire Kickstarter link is:

Thank you for any support you can offer, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely - Jeff
The interest in this has been enormous. I'm happy to pass on the word, Jeff. -gw


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

On Children's Participation in Baha'i Community Life: Neither shushed or shooed away

Children are not shushed or shooed away in Baha'i community life. Their participation is invited and their voices heard. More from our recent Baha'i Cluster Reflection Meeting. -gw

On the Significance of Spiritual Conversations: The basis for Baha'i expansion

At the reflection meeting that preceeded our intensive Baha'i teaching campaign Dawn addressed the signficance of having spiritual conversations. -gw

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On Reflecting on the Light of the Spirit: In Salishan

At our Baha'i Cluster Reflection Meeting Deb C describes the impact Book 1s are having in Salishan in creating a unity of spirit. -gw

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

On To This Melody of the Company on High: The world will leap and dance

Dance is entrancing, mesmerizing. Taraz Dannells has another amazing dance video up on YouTube, this featuring the salsa dancing of Diana Sanchez. There are 16 references to dance in the Baha'i Writings. Spiritual ecstasy is often associated with dancing. -gw
Ye have written as to the meetings of the friends, and how filled they are with peace and joy. Of course this is so; for wherever the spiritually minded are gathered together, there in His beauty reigneth Bahá’u’lláh. Thus it is certain that such reunions will yield boundless happiness and peace
Today it behoveth one and all to forgo the mention of all else, and to disregard all things. Let their speaking, let their inner state be summed up thus: ‘Keep all my words of prayer and praise confined to one refrain; make all my life but servitude to Thee.’ That is, let them concentrate all their thoughts, all their words, on teaching the Cause of God and spreading the Faith of God, and inspiring all to characterize themselves with the characteristics of God; on loving mankind; on being pure and holy in all things, and spotless in their public and private life; on being upright and detached, and fervent, and afire. All is to be yielded up, save only the remembrance of God; all is to be dispraised, except His praise. Today, to this melody of the Company on high, the world will leap and dance: ‘Glory be to my Lord, the All-Glorious!’ 

On Time for Intensive Teaching: Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord

I've spent hours for the past two mornings saying Baha'i prayers and studying the messages of the Universal house of Justice in Arlene's blessed home in Puyallup. -gw

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Friday, October 14, 2011

On Finding My Way To the Newest Official Baha'i Website: It was easy

It was easy. I put "" in my browser. I clicked on the top link. It took me to the website of the Regional Baha'i Council of the Northwestern States. I explored. There is so much to learn on the website. I intend to use this resource frequently.
I read about the training institute for the northwestern states and its unique role as an 'engine of growth." I found the link for my own cluster and found the listing of localities and administrative contacts. I read about the resposibilities of the Regional Baha'i Council itself and how it is elected. I found the page on the Area Teaching Committees and its responsibilities. Did you know that...
One particularly important responsibility of area teaching committees is what the Universal House of Justice describes as, “promoting the gradual increase in devotional meetings” within a cluster.
Here is our newest Baha'i Kim between Deb and Enayyat at a devotional in our cluster back in 2010. -gw

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On Fitness Centered: Back in the day

Back in the summer Bonita and I were able to visit the first LA Fitness center. (It's not in LA, by the way.) Bonita could have been their first customer. (Emphasis on could have.) The place needs some rejuvenation. -gw

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On Missing Summer: Within the meadows of Thy nearness make me able to roam

The average temperature in the 50's Fahrenheit and going down,  I'm missing summer, and gadding around to Washington State Parks. -gw
From the sweet-scented streams of Thine eternity give me to drink, O my God, and of the fruits of the tree of Thy being enable me to taste, O my Hope! From the crystal springs of Thy love suffer me to quaff, O my Glory, and beneath the shadow of Thine everlasting providence let me abide, O my Light! Within the meadows of Thy nearness, before Thy presence, make me able to roam, O my Beloved, and at the right hand of the throne of Thy mercy, seat me, O my Desire! From the fragrant breezes of Thy joy let a breath pass over me, O my Goal, and into the heights of the paradise of Thy reality let me gain admission, O my Adored One! To the melodies of the dove of Thy oneness suffer me to hearken, O Resplendent One, and through the spirit of Thy power and Thy might quicken me, O my Provider! In the spirit of Thy love keep me steadfast, O my Succorer, and in the path of Thy good pleasure set firm my steps, O my Maker! Within 142 the garden of Thine immortality, before Thy countenance, let me abide for ever, O Thou Who art merciful unto me, and upon the seat of Thy glory stablish me, O Thou Who art my Possessor! To the heaven of Thy loving-kindness lift me up, O my Quickener, and unto the Daystar of Thy guidance lead me, O Thou my Attractor! Before the revelations of Thine invisible spirit summon me to be present, O Thou Who art my Origin and my Highest Wish, and unto the essence of the fragrance of Thy beauty, which Thou wilt manifest, cause me to return, O Thou Who art my God!Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou art, verily, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, the All-Highest.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

On a Website of Baha'i Children's Class Songs: In Amharic, Sinhala, Bangla, and Nihongo

  • DROPS OF ONE OCEAN:Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 1) Pilipino (Philippines), Arabic (Yemen), Nihongo (Japan), Korean (South Korea), Chinese (Taiwan), Khmer (Cambodia), Thai (Thailand), Burmese (Myanmar), Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia), Bangla (Bangladesh), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), English (Vancouver Island, Canada), Vietnamese (Vietnam), Bahasa Indonesia, (Indonesia), Spanish (San Diego, California, USA), Lao (Laos), Amharic (Ethiopia), Luganda & Ateso Vocal Guides Only (Uganda), Kiswahili Vocal Guides Only (Kenya)
  • FRUITS OF ONE TREE: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 1 Pilipino (Philippines), Nihongo (Japan), Chinese (Taiwan), Thai (Thailand), Bangla (Bangladesh), Burmese, (Myanmar), Vietnamese (Vietnam), Bahasa Indonesia, (Indonesia), English(San Francisco, California, USA), Spanish (San Diego, California, USA), Lao (Laos), Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • WAVES OF ONE SEA: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 2
    Pilipino (Philippines), Burmese (Myanmar), Nihongo (Japan), Bahasa Indonesia, (Indonesia), Vietnamese (Vietnam), English (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • FLOWERS OF ONE GARDEN: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 3
    Pilipino (Philippines) – other languages in-progress.
Check out this website for recordings of songs from Children's Classes Grades 1, 2 & 3 in many languages. Thanks, for this informaton. -gw

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On When This Barn Was New: A visitor came to America

Wish I could have been around when this barn was being built in Wakeman, Ohio. What kind of equipment was used to raise these beams so high? Where did the wood come from? How were the boards sawn? And when did all this happen?
How old is this barn? Is it 100 years old? That's what I'm guessing. What did this plot of farmland look like in 1912? Abdul-Baha visited America that year. He may not have come to Wakeman, but he did traverse the American continent from coast to coast.
Before coming to America, Abdu'l-Baha was visiting Europe. In October of 1911, he was in Paris. Read about Abdu'l-Baha's travels 100 years ago on the following blog.
The research was done by John Conkling, the person responsible for inviting a young man living in Montana to come work at the Baha'i National Center in Illinois, where he stayed for almost seven seminal years. Thanks, John! -gw
October 3, 1911—  Most of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s talks were given at the residence that He took at 4 Avenue de Camoëns in the area of Quai de Passy. (The Trocadéro Gardens are adjacent to the Avenue de Camoëns. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá found relaxation in walks through the gardens.) pp. 154, 159, Abdu’l-Bahá, The Center of the Covenant, H. M. Balyuzi, George Ronald, Pub. © Mary Balyuzi, 1987 (paper back)
The late Hand of the Cause H. M. Balyuzi writes about Paris: “Paris has a particular distinction among all the cities in Europe, inasmuch as the first Bahá’í centre of the European continent was instituted there. . . . Monsieur and Madame Dreyfus Barney were
at hand to serve Him. Lady Blomfield, her two daughters—Mary Esther and Rose Ellinor Cecilia—and Miss Beatrice Marion Platt (all of whom had also zealously helped at 97 Cadogan Gardens (London) had come over from London. It was their assiduous application which produced an invaluable collection of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Talks:‘Abdu’l-Bahá in London  a book that has, since 1912, gone through many editions on both sides of the Atlantic. Horace Holley, [long-time member and secretary of the United States National Spiritual Assembly] who was an eyewitness, has stated that “As London emphasized the social and spiritual aspects of Bahaism, so Paris revealed its intellectual content and unparalleled power of definition.” Book titles: Paris Talks, Wisdom of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

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On What Would Abdu'l-Baha Do: What he did exactly 100 years ago

Do you speak french?
Oh I wish!
Oh... sorry. Last sunday our national TV broadcasted a 25 minute program about Abdu'l-Baha in Paris. And is mostly spoken in French. It was an act of cooperation between the NSAs of Portugal and France.
What a great opportunity the centenary presents...
Marco, the Portuguese blogger of Povo de Baha who inspired me to start blogging, was instrumental in assisting in the creation of this program to honor the 100th Anniversary of Abdu'l-Baha's visit to Europe, as I learned via Facebook chat the other day. Each day we ask ourselves, what would Abdu'l-Baha do? With the frequent remembrances of what Abdu'l-Baha did exactly 100 years ago appearing online, of which this one is a fine example, our task of finding inspiration is made that much easier. -gw

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Monday, October 10, 2011

On the Flip Side of Competitiveness: Don't let your swag divide us

I was talking with John at the Tigers vs Hornets game about how many little league football teams there are of kids living on the Eastside of Tacoma. There must be a lot of kids and parents who love football in those neighborhoods, I said.
Competitveness off the field among these young football players can be a problem at school, Lisa said, talking with Matt at the Tigers vs Angels game. You're not a Tiger, an Angel, or a Hornet at Lister Elementary where Lisa works. "We're all Lister Lions here," she tells kids. We're all leaves of the same tree, she said, quoting Baha'u'llah. Competitiveness can't be allowed to divide us.
Matt remembered a conversation with Invaders adult league football players about swag. Don't let swag divide us, he said. We are all on one team. -gw
... each individual member of the human family is a leaf or branch upon the Adamic tree; that all are sheltered beneath the protecting mercy and providence of God; that all are the children of God, fruit upon the one tree of His love. God is equally compassionate and kind to all the leaves, branches and fruit of this tree.

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On the Diversity of Our Community: Prayers in diverse languages

Prayers in diverse languages set the tone. The recent District Convention had the kind of vibe that these highly important yearly events should have. Those in attendance were blessed to experience an environment made so beautiful, with love and unity abounding. Songs were offered spontaneously, from the heart. -gw

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On Blogs I May Never Get To: And blogs I try to keep up with

It's one thing to have one of my websites hacked again, and not notice it for two days. It's another to get it back up and running and then fail to autopost onto it for a week. So has a whole bunch of new posts on it, as of last night, all of a sudden.
There are three places to find Baha'i Views content: (the original version)
Baha'i Views posts dedicated to music can be found on this site:
Baha'i Views posts just on the social space within which I labor to establish the core activities, the Tacoma Invaders/Tigers football community, can be found here:
There are other blog projects I am associated with, one devoted to hiking with my colleagues from work during the noon hour:
Here's one I do for my work, devoted to early childhood mental health issues:
And here's a blog I did for a football player with great potential:
There are still some blogs lurking around that I may get to more once I'm retired, separate blogs just on canoeing, hiking, and camping, but then again, I may never retire, if Bonita has her way.
To the readers of, sorry about the delay in getting posts up. All of my Baha'i Views content is presently launched from the Posterous blogging platform at -gw

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

On Viewing Ohio and Michigan at 50 MPH: Speed of change

Traveling in multiple cars, reunion cousins traversed the heartland, Ohio and Michigan. After a trip to Cleveland and back to Wakeman, Ohio, it was on to Hillsdale, Michigan, the town of my birth. Wakeman I remembered, but it was the first time that I had visited Hillsdale since I had left at 3 weeks of age. The entire trip I was mesmerized by the beauty of farm country and the towns and villages along the way. The people of the world today live mostly in urban environments, and that includes me, so traveling through rural America was a special treat -- and a cultural experience. But these are times of change for small town and rural America, too, as I came to understand, talking with my cousins who live there. -gwe
As believers from urban centres set out on sustained campaigns to reach the mass of the world’s peoples living in villages and rural areas, they encountered a receptivity to Bahá’u’lláh’s message far beyond anything they had imagined possible. While the response usually took forms very different from the ones with which the teachers had been familiar, the new declarants were eagerly welcomed. Tens of thousands of new Bahá’ís poured into the Cause throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, often representing the greater part of whole rural villages. The 1960s and 1970s were heady days for a Bahá’í community most of whose growth outside of Iran had been slow and measured.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

On a Tribute to Virna: The arbiters of art have started to catch up with her

[Flickr] Jamie Frank has invited you to see the Tribute to Virna ..... set on Flickr
Hey George ! .... make sure you take in the Virna Haffer show at the Tacoma Art Museum before it ends in November. When I was 18 I joined the local camera club in Tacoma where I met and became friends with this wonderful artist.
 Tribute to Virna .....
About the set
129 items | 0 views
just got back from the Tacoma Art Museum to see my old friend Virna Haffer's show. Go to the google, the arbiters of art have started to catch up with her..... more later, including an edit and some stories of this very cool lady .... the initial idea of this set is 3 from back then ( '66-'70 ), then 3 more current .... all connected to my old friend and the wrinkly smile and twinkly eyes she would give me when I showed her my recent efforts ..... The most significant thing I picked up from her was the benefit of anonymity in creating art. Feedback from a handfull of particular others was better than a room of clappers. Forty years later I'd say it's still too true ........ The Tacoma Art Museum staff put together a fine book of Virna's work and some history of this radical lady. Contact for a copy
Good to meet this radical lady , thanks to you, Jamie! -gw
Surely the world, contracted and transformed into a single highly complex organism by the marvellous progress achieved in the realm of physical science, by the world-wide expansion of commerce and industry, and struggling, under the pressure of world economic forces, amidst the pitfalls of a materialistic civilization, stands in dire need of a restatement of the Truth underlying all the Revelations of the past in a language suited to its essential requirements. And what voice other than that of Bahá’u’lláh—the Mouthpiece of God for this age—is capable of effecting a transformation of society as radical as that which He has already accomplished in the hearts of those men and women, so diversified and seemingly irreconcilable, who constitute the body of His declared followers throughout the world?

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On Taraz With a Twist: The ethereal dancing of Ray and Emily

Creativity is taking something that is familiar and, with an adjustment here or there, making it new. Taraz slows down the dancing, and replaces the music, and the net result is ethereal. The very world of existence has been made new by Baha'u'llah, from whom we all draw inspiration. -gw
...through the rise of these Luminaries of God the world is made new, the waters of everlasting life stream forth, the billows of loving-kindness surge, the clouds of grace are gathered, and the breeze of bounty bloweth upon all created things. It is the warmth that these Luminaries of God generate, and the undying fires they kindle, which cause the light of the love of God to burn fiercely in the heart of humanity. It is through the abundant grace of these Symbols of Detachment that the Spirit of life everlasting is breathed into the bodies of the dead.

Friday, October 07, 2011

On a Baha'i Brought Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs Together: A true story

Thanks to KC for reminding me about this, an item that I covered on Baha'i Views in 2009, thanks to Robert of Northwest Baha'i Library. -gw
Bill lived a few houses down from me on the same street, and is the one that built the "Cream Soda" computer with me, not Steve Jobs as portrayed in "Pirates of Silicon Valley." Bill is also the person that introduced Steve and myself. Bill has also helped in my current computer class, teaching 3D drawing. So I know something of the Baha'i Faith and I appreciate it... -- Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs’ Childhood Friend Speaks On Icon’s Death

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

On Baha'i Views / Flitzy Phoebie's Greatest Hits on Flickr: Twelve for the record

This is just a teeny tiny sampling of our Flickr photos that have been used on other websites
In no particular order of category, here are some greatest hits from our Baha'i Views /Fltzy Phoebie account on Flickr. -gw
Prayers read by children at Feast: "Thou Art the Mighty and Powerful"
Appreciation of Walter Palmore, painter: A painting of a dream
Low-light rap video: Ben-Ar'ie's rap
Sheridan children's class remembrance: Expressions in the moment
Invaders practice: End of Invaders practice 029
Child psychiatrist's most succinct statement on the brain: The brain and relationships
Top photo or video: Basa Swai Fillets with Veggies
Best quote from Universal House of Justice member put to a photo montage: Bringing coherence to the expansion process

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On How Kids Learn Best: How effective is yelling at them?

Lisa and Matt were having a deep conversation at the Tigers game and the subject of how kids learn came up. How effective is yelling in either parenting or coaching? Is there a place for it, or does it really just cause kids to shut down? -gw

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On Enjoyment of the Good and Beautiful: Including dance

One of my hiking buddies were sharing a memory of a child who couldn't go to a dance because of her religion. Does dancing have to be decadent? Oh, I hope not, because it looks like such great fun. This video was taken by my son Taraz'ullah Dannells. -gw

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On a Skateboarding Demonstration: You never know what you'll learn at Baha'i Feast

There was an impropmptu skateboarding demonstration provided upstairs by one of the children at Baha'i Feast at Michelle's in Salishan. Don't try this at home unless you have had adequate training in the sport. This child of God -- and star Baha'i children's class student -- would be happy to assist you, I'm sure, if you ask. -gw

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On We Got to Fix Our Neighborhoods Ourselves: 72 adults and children banding together in Salishan

This is community building, conversation of two residents of Salishan reflecting on a incident that occured in their neighborhood. Lisa's solution: we need to spiritualize this place where we live, starting with children and families. She describes the Women's Empowerment Meeting she hosts monthly in her home.
I learned yesterday that there re no less than 72 adults and children there in Salishan involved in the Baha'i core activities for community building, devotional meetings, children's classes for moral education, junior youth groups, and study circles. -gw

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