Monday, October 10, 2011

On the Flip Side of Competitiveness: Don't let your swag divide us

I was talking with John at the Tigers vs Hornets game about how many little league football teams there are of kids living on the Eastside of Tacoma. There must be a lot of kids and parents who love football in those neighborhoods, I said.
Competitveness off the field among these young football players can be a problem at school, Lisa said, talking with Matt at the Tigers vs Angels game. You're not a Tiger, an Angel, or a Hornet at Lister Elementary where Lisa works. "We're all Lister Lions here," she tells kids. We're all leaves of the same tree, she said, quoting Baha'u'llah. Competitiveness can't be allowed to divide us.
Matt remembered a conversation with Invaders adult league football players about swag. Don't let swag divide us, he said. We are all on one team. -gw
... each individual member of the human family is a leaf or branch upon the Adamic tree; that all are sheltered beneath the protecting mercy and providence of God; that all are the children of God, fruit upon the one tree of His love. God is equally compassionate and kind to all the leaves, branches and fruit of this tree.

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