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On Baha'u'llah's Goal of Unity: No Child (of God) Left Behind

Keats’ definition of the poet as able to be “in uncertainties, mysteries," ... PAEN. A song or hymn of praise, joy, or triumph, originally sung by Greeks in
Triplepushpop pens a poetical and passionate paen to the New Sincerity that is pushing aside the cynicism of the day. -gw

So what does the Baha'i faith give us that's so new? That's so refreshing? That will transform life & humanity as we know it?

It gives us Action.

It gives us Faith & Action combined.

And it gives us clear cut Focus - the goal of Unity.

It gives us Neo-Sincerity.

It gives us vitally refreshing terminology.

'Unity!' It's so simple! It makes so much sense! We can all relate.

Gone are the ridiculous back patting 'rituals' of yore.
Money isn't spent on encrusting huge ornate 'doors' of churches with gold. Doors that boast the divide between the rich & the poor. Doors that by their very nature, divide. Baha'i money (power), if spent on arcitecture, builds 9 arches that define the structural borders of freedom space, and asks "why not come join us? feel free to do so, if that's what you would like to do. You are free to choose".

Y'know terminology &/or style is *everything*. Speak the right language, and you have everyone listening. The Baha'i religion *teaches by example*, over dogma.

And it teaches 'collective mode' thinking. Working from root to tip. From micro to macro. Outside of our comfortable bubbles.

Pushes actively for our Goal of Unity, on every single level. So that we don't contradict ourselves. Teaches us that it starts with our immediate environment.

As Buzz would say - small steps for man, giant leaps for mankind'. :)

Teaches us that we aren't in competition with each other here. This isn't a race. That even if one views it that way, if the goal is Unity, then every person we allow to be left behind or lost, is one step away from Unity. Because Unity means *everyone* and not just a priviledged few. The Baha'i faith is logical. It makes sense. It's truths are not smothered in gold.

Triplepushpop, "Unity," blog commentary
{Re-posted with permission}

"Rowers at Mekong River, Vientienne, Laos," Uploaded on December 20, 2006 by Eye-Woh

On Actividades Basicas: La Fe Baha'i, Puerto Rico y el Mundo



The Baha'i youth of Puerto Rico have a blog. -gw


La Fe Baha'i ofrece cuatro actividades basicas:
The Bahai Faith offers four basic core activities:

Devocionales - es una simple pero poderosa reunion en donde las personas se reunen para hacer oraciones.
Devotionals - simple but powerful meeting where people get together for prayers.

Hogarenas - pueden ser comparadas con tertulias. Son charlas o dialogos sobre algun tema de la fe y los individuos tienen la oportunidad de hacer preguntas para aclarar dudas sobre el tema establecido u otros.
Firesides - a gathering of people discussing a bahai topic, where individuals may asks questions about the faith.

Clases de ninos y prejovenes - clases de valores o virtudes.
Children and preyouth classes - virtues classes.

Circulos de Estudio - una secuencia de cursos cortos donde los participantes estudian unos panfletos titulados Ruhi. Estos libros dan una introduccion a las ensenanzas basicas de la fe.
Study Circles - a sequence of short courses where participants study panflets titled Ruhi. These books give an introduction to bahai teachings.



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On Servants in Training: Pilgrimage to Haifa

Tarzullah has posted his pics from his pilgrimage with his lovely wife Megan, including some video, on his unconventional-looking blog Servant in Training . This kid can teach me a thing or two. -gw

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On Recognition of the Baha'i Faith in Vietnam: The Word Spreads

"Baha'i friends all the ways from all over Vietnam come to Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate Nawruz and attending the granting of the certificate of operation registration of Baha'i in Vietnam." All pictures uploaded on March 21, 2007 by T.Quynh on flickr

I came to life during the Vietnam War era. I am reborn for the 1000th time by this latest news. -gw

Interesting times indeed....
Mon, Mar 26 2007 7:36 PM by Vafa Bayat on
Vafa's Blog - This week marked the first time since the Communist era began in Vietnam that the Baha'i community has been recognized by the government.

"Nation’s Baha’i community gets religious recognition"
Sat, Mar 24 2007 11:45 AM on
WorldWide Religious News

Nation's Baha'i community gets religious recognition
Sat, Mar 24 2007 10:47 AM on
buddhism News feed

Vietnam Recognizes Baha'i and 3 Other Groups
23 Mar 2007 by glog -
Vietnam News Service yesterday reported that the Baha'i Community of Vietnam is celebrating its receipt last month of a certificate of operation from the Government's Committee for Religious Affairs. ...
Vietnam -

Vietnam legalizes the Baha’i faith
Fri, Mar 23 2007 4:32 PM by digitalzen on
Digital Dharma - Vietnam has legalized the Baha’i faith, which authorities say has about 7,000 followers in the country, Vietnam News Agency reported Wednesday.

Vietnam Recognizes Baha'i and 3 Other Groups
Fri, Mar 23 2007 6:10 AM by Howard Friedman on
Religion Clause

Baha'is celebrate new year
In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, about 280 people attended a reception where the government Committee for Religious Affairs presented a certificate giving recognition to Baha'i activities....At a reception at the House of Commons in London, Lord Avebury delivers messages for the Baha'i new year from Prime Minister Tony Blair and from David Cameron ...
Posting Date:03/23/2007

Good Morning Vietnam!
22 Mar 2007 by Phillipe Copeland -
God willing we will hear similar news someday regarding the Baha'i Faith in Iran and Egypt. In tribute to the valiant Baha'i community of Vietnam, I offers these Words of Baha'u'llah from the Fire Tablet...
Bahá’í Thought: Religion, Race, Psychology... -

Nation’s Baha’i community gets religious recognition
VietNamNet Bridge - The objectives and orientation of the Baha’i religion, which was founded in late 1844 in Iran, were in line with Vietnam’s laws, the committee said. Baha’i followers have been present in Vietnam since 1954.
From Faithful Christian Blog - Published 5 days, 6 hours ago

Vietnam legalizes the Baha’i faith
22 Mar 2007 by THA7378 -
Nguyen Huu Oanh, vice chairman of the government's Religious Affairs Committee, "presented a certificate to ratify religious activities of the Vietnam Baha’i religious community," the agency said.
Vietnam Ocean -

Cong Dong Ton Giao Baha'i Vietnam
Thu, Mar 22 2007 10:21 AM by Marco on
Povo de Bahá - Nation's Baha'i community gets religious recognition.

While Egypt Plunges Deeper, Vietnam Floats to the Surface
21 Mar 2007 by Bilo HANOI (AFP) - Nguyen Huu Oanh, vice chairman of the government's Religious Affairs Committee, "presented a certificate to ratify religious activities of the Vietnam Bahai religious community," said the Vietnam News Agency. ...

Baha'i Faith in Egypt -

Reference: Vietnam Reports on Human Rights Practices -2006
7 Mar 2007 by Candy - Registrations for the Baha'i Faith and additional Protestant house church organizations awaited registration at year's end.

Candy -

On the Golden Rule Remix: From Buddhism to Baha'i

"Golden Rules in many faiths: The 'Golden Rule' board at First Unitarian. Now with Wicca :) "
Uploaded on December 30, 2006 by Spotty Logic on flickr

All religions are alike. All religions are different. Both statements are true. -gw

“So I’m gonna give these examples of Golden Rules from different cultures. Read ‘em and share ‘em with the class.” They ran from Buddhism to Baha’i. And most did sound a lot alike. Shouted one girl: “The Golden Rule remix!”

Excert from the Time magazine article, The Case for Teaching The Bible By David Van Biema, reposted on captive thoughts

Therefore, although the religions of the East and West have widely differing concepts of the highest reality, Baha’u'llah maintains that this does not mean that there is a difference in the reality that is being described. Rather the religions differ because they are each looking at that reality from different viewpoints. They have each constructed concepts and ideas from their own perspective. The source of the differences lies, therefore, not in what is being observed; rather it lies in the fact that those who have written on these subjects have each had a particular cultural or personal background that predetermines the way that they have looked at these matters.

From the commentary on the Baha'i Faith, quoted by Michael in "Common Philosophical Ground," Year of Faith

Monday, March 26, 2007

On Radio 9: Internet Radio to the World from Malaysia

"Antique radio," uploaded on May 23, 2006 by The Unbeliever on flickr

What kind of music do you like? You can listen to just about any genre on internet radio anywhere in the world. What had God wrought ... again! -gw

30s . 40s . 50s . 60s . 70s . 80s . 90s . Acid House . Acid Jazz . Acoustic Blues . Adult Album . Alternative . Adult Contemporary . African . Alt-Country . Alternative . Alternative Folk . Alternative Rap . Ambient . Americana . Anime . Anniversary . Arabic . Asian . Avant Garde . Bachata . Banda . Barbershop . Baroque . Big Band . Big Beat . Birthday . Bluegrass . Blues . Bop . Bossa Nova . Brazilian . Breakbeat . British Invasion . Britpop . Bubblegum . Pop . Cajun/Zydeco . Caribbean . Celtic . Chamber . Chicago Blues . Children's/Family . Chill . Choral . Christian . Christian Metal . Christian Rap . Christian Rock . Christmas . Classic Alternative . Classic Christian . Classic Country . Classic Jazz . Classic R&B . Classic Rock . Classical . Classical Period . College . Comedy . Community . Contemporary Bluegrass . Contemporary Blues . Contemporary Country . Contemporary Folk . Contemporary Gospel . Contemporary R&B . Contemporary Reggae . Cool Jazz . Country . Country Blues . Cumbia . Dance Pop . Dancehall . Dancepunk . Delta Blues . Dirty South . Disco . Doo Wop . Downtempo . Dream Pop . Drum 'n' Bass . Dub . Early Classical . East Coast Rap . Easy Listening . Educational . Electric Blues . Electro . Electronic/Dance . Emo . Environmental . Ethnic . Fusion . European . Exotica . Experimental . Extreme Metal . Filipino . Folk . Folk Rock . Freeform . Freestyle . Funk . Fusion . Gangsta Rap . Garage . Garage Rock . Glam . Gospel . Goth . Government . Greek . Grunge . Halloween . Hanukkah . Hard Bop . Hard House . Hard Rock . Hawaiian/Pacific . Healing . Heartache . Heavy Metal . Hindi . Hip-Hop/Rap . Honeymoon . Honky Tonk . Hot Country Hits . House . IDM . Impressionist . Indian . Indie Pop . Indie Rock . Industrial . Industrial Metal . Inspirational . International . JPOP . Jam Bands . Japanese . Jazz . Jewish . Jungle . Latin . Latin Dance . Latin Jazz . Latin Pop . Latin Rap/Hip-Hop . Latin Rock . Lo-Fi . Lounge . Love/Romance . Mariachi . Meditation .Mediterranean . Merengue . Metal . Middle Eastern . Modern . Modern Rock . Motown . Music To ... To . Neo-Soul . New Acoustic . New Age . New Wave . News . Noise Pop . North American . Old School . Old Time . Radio Oldies . Opera . Orchestral Pop . Original Score . Other . Talk . Party Mix . Patriotic . Piano . Political . Polka . Pop . Pop Metal/Hair . Pop-Reggae . Post-Punk . Power . Pop Praise/Worship . Prog/Art Rock . Progressive . Psychedelic . Punk . Quiet Storm . R&B/Urban . Ragga . Rainy Day Mix . Ranchera . Rap Metal . Reality . Reggae . Reggaeton . Rock . Rock & Roll . Rock Steady . Rockabilly . Romantic . Roots . Reggae . Salsa . Scanner . Seasonal/Holiday . Sermons/Services . Showtunes . Shuffle/Random . Singer/Songwriter . Ska . Smooth Jazz . Soca . Soft Rock . Soul . Soundtracks . South American . Southern Gospel . Space Age Pop . Spiritual . Spoken Word . Sports . Surf . Swing . Symphony Talk . Tamil . Tango .Techno . Teen Pop . Tejano . Top 40 . Traditional Folk . Traditional Gospel . Trance . Travel Mix . Tribal . Trip Hop .Trippy . Tropicalia . Turntablism . Underground Hip-Hop . Urban Contemporary . Valentine . Various . Vocal Jazz . Wedding . West Coast Rap . Western . Women . Work Mix . World Folk . World Fusion . World Pop . Worldbeat . Zouk .

Thanks to the ZOHRAB & FAMILY POST, I've learned that there is a new internet station to enjoy, Radio 9. Of course, it has it's own blog, Radio 9 - Waves of Unity, from which the following is excerpted. -gw

Radio 9 is a Baha'i inspired station dedicated to Inspirational Music. Through our Waves of Unity, we hope to create a positive and uplifting environment each time you are online. Our vision of a united world is primarily driven by the world embracing principles of the Baha'i faith and welcome anyone who shares this vision. The music you will hear on this station will carry melodies and words to relax, meditate or even set a prayerful ambience.

About Us
Radio9 - Waves of Unity
Petaling Jaya, MY

This station was started by a group of young Baha'is as an effort to make world unity a reality amidst a chaotic and ailing world. If you are interested to find out more about Radio9 or how you can be part of Waves of Unity, write to

On Petaling Jaya Baha'i Celebrants: Joyous New Year

These children wore their "fancy dress" to their Naw Ruz party. -gw

It's spring time and we cele brated the Baha'i new year (BE 164) on 21 March 2007 with a community dinner on 20th night. We were all dressed to the theme of the evening i.e. "Truly Asia" for adults and "Fancy Dress" for the kids . And guess what, both Mei Hua and Zehan won best dress accordingly! Happy & Joyous Naw Ruz everyone!

Zohrab, "Joyous Naw Ruz - Bahai New Year," ZOHRAB & FAMILY POST: Welcome to our family page to share some exciting developments and milestones with each of you. We are a family living in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and truly believe in the oneness of humanity and to serve humanity.

{Re-posted with permission}

On the Baha'i Situation in Iran: A View from Teheran

Uploaded on March 23, 2007 by HORIZON on flickr
Jadi, a blogger in Teheran, answers a question from Remi. -gw

I know about Bahai's and their Ideas and their situation. I've never had an Baha'i friend but met some Baha'i people. I think their situation in Iran is one of the worst things in this country and one of my biggest shames as an Iranian. They can not work for the government, can not study in the universities and as you said, they do not have same rights as me.

I can not talk on behalf of Iranians but me myself am against this situation. I think people should be free to choose their ideas and be equal with each other, independent of their ideas.

Let me add something more. When talking with even pro-Islamic people, they accept that this kind of treat is not fair, good or even an Islamic rule. During Prophet Muhammad's era, people had the right to talk about their ideas and live on their ideas (the pro-Islamics say) so we can not accept the situation of Baha'i people in Iran.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

On a Blog of Intention: Chain and Cross

This blog really grabs you. Read it and "you may be finding something astonishing and good," to use the blogger's own prose. -gw

Chain and Cross
The cross is so widely known as the symbol of Christ's suffering as to barely need mentioning. The chains offer a like symbol of the sufferings of Baha'u'llah beginning with His incarceration in the prison called the Siyah-Chal. All that follows is inspired by those formidable shared ordeals inflicted by the hands of man. (Harkener Totus)

Harkener Totus - About Me
Long ago, Christ answered the prayer of a boy yearning to recognize His return. He led me to Baha'u'llah. Baha'u'llah, in turn, had healed me of doubts and resentments about my Christian beginnings and led me to Christ. Reader, I must tell you, the foundational unity of religion is far and away more than mere philosophical and theological rationale and accord. It is more than collegiality amongst adherents of diverse paths. It is even more than the spiritual bonding through many varied acts of prayer and devotions. It is simply and deeply the purest essence of spiritual reality. Friend, go beyond the words. Listen the the whole of the logos wherever you find it.

Photo: "Sunrise at Nombre de Dios Mission," Uploaded on September 29, 2005 by eye2eye on flickr

On the Year of Faith Project: A Mambo Braziliano Conclusion to the Baha'i Fast

"...mambo music (there was a live band, I danced)." Michael

The three participants in the Year of Faith project, featured here previously, have all finished their fast, attended the Naw Ruz celebration with the Baha'is of West Vancouver, Canada, with several written posts about the experience submitted as evidence. Michael danced the mambo. -gw

She said something that hit home, something I whole heartedly believed: “Man is a talisman.”

Hopefully we will be able to get involved with a study circle to learn more about the faith from fellow adherents.

Michael, "Happy Naw Ruz," Year of Faith

Suffice to say the Baha’i community is very welcoming.

Sara, "In celebration of Norouz," Year of Faith

On Baha'i Naw-Ruz: New Wave

Happy Naw-Ruz 164 or 1386 or 2007! Here is another smattering of Naw-Ruz blog-citings, Part Adieu to the holiday. -gw
The Baha'i faith marked the start of its calendar on March 20, the spring equinox itself, with a holiday called Norouz .

Yaakov, "Bunny Rabbits," The Dry Bones Blog



n e i g h b o r s

are members of the Baha'i Faith, and invited me to celebrate Naw-Ruz at an open house this afternoon.

Broadsheet, "Happy Baha'i Naw-Ruz," Broadsheet


I am delighted to send all members of the Baha’i community my best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Tony Blair in "Tony Blair e David Cameron," Povo de Baha, and "Baha’is of UK receive greetings from Tony Blair," Barnabas quotidianus


We celebrated by going to a small game reserve in Chisamba with a number of Baha'i friends.

"Oh Dear, " Luckybeans: Life with Three Zambian Monkeys


Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the Last of the Tadiq: I almost cried

"Persian Rice," uploaded on 21 May 2006 by laceilbleu on flickr

The fast is over and people can eat ... tadiq. -gw

The one verra bad part of the night....Shahla cooked some amazing Persian rice with ... lots of saffron and those yummy tart little berries. As I was coming around the table with the food, this new Baha'i lady got in front of me and got the last of the tadiq...I almost cried :(

Meels, "Persification Pt. 1," MySpace

On Life as a Weaving: The warp as destiny and the threads choice

I never met-a-phor I didn't like! -gw

Sherna, a Baha'i member, explained that in her religion they view life as a weaving, where the warp is destiny and the threads, colors and textures we select to weave the woof are choice. Such a wonderful metaphor! How would our human brains ever be able to understand complex matters without metaphor?

Top left photo: "Weaving 8," uploaded on November 27, 2005 by Amelia Bedelia
Top right photo: "Mayan weaving," uploaded on 10 March 2007 by Lake Atitlan
Bottom left photo: "a black hmong women is weaving her next creation, such as those made by her at the background," uploaded on September 25, 2006 by biroe
All photos on flickr

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On Delivering Roses to Our Iranian Friends: After Evensong

This post opening constitutes in itself a lovely vignette. -gw

Today was the next to last of our Evensong/Supper/Bible Study sessions for Lent. After Evensong (during which I discovered that the front Epistle-side pew is missing one of its two kneelers) we had a pleasant supper of the Millers' meatless chili (*very* delicious if un-Texan!), cornbread and Debra's excellent potato salad. Amusingly, Kathy prefers Debra's and Debra prefers Kathy's -- they're both good, just very different.

Kathy reminded us that today is Norooz, Persian New Year. I know she'd been delivering roses to our Iranian friends: Muslim, Christian and Baha'i alike.

"The Last (light) Supper," Continuing Home: The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity

On Naw-Ruz Traditions: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

This is the "traditional" Naw-Ruz song sung every year in our community. -gw

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actual
Ev'rything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, feeling this way

"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah," uploaded on 28 February 2007 by LunaSol on flickr
© 1945 Walt Disney Music Company

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On 今天是Baha'i的New Year, 他們稱作Naw Ruz: Undeniably, this is good

Here is a description of the Chinese New Year's commemoration. Here is a description of Naw-Ruz, the Baha'i New Year's. -gw

Naw Ruz. 之前有提過我參加一個小型讀書會,是有關Baha'i。I have mentioned before participating in a small study, the Baha 'i. 不可否認,這是很好的一個Religion。Undeniably, this is a good one Religion. 它是要把所有的愛散撥在這世上,而且把所有人連結在一起。It is necessary to allocate all the love in this world casual, but everyone together. (很難Translate.....)(Translate difficult .....) 總之大概就是這樣。This is probably short. 但是因為某些原因,我實在不適合這個宗教,我還是暫時prefer無神論。But for some reason, I really do not fit the religious, I still prefer atheism temporarily. 今天是Baha'i的New Year。Today is the Baha 'i the New Year. 他們稱作Naw Ruz。They called Naw Ruz.

skyblue2501, "Naw Ruz," No more love, no more cry