Saturday, October 08, 2011

On a Tribute to Virna: The arbiters of art have started to catch up with her

[Flickr] Jamie Frank has invited you to see the Tribute to Virna ..... set on Flickr
Hey George ! .... make sure you take in the Virna Haffer show at the Tacoma Art Museum before it ends in November. When I was 18 I joined the local camera club in Tacoma where I met and became friends with this wonderful artist.
 Tribute to Virna .....
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just got back from the Tacoma Art Museum to see my old friend Virna Haffer's show. Go to the google, the arbiters of art have started to catch up with her..... more later, including an edit and some stories of this very cool lady .... the initial idea of this set is 3 from back then ( '66-'70 ), then 3 more current .... all connected to my old friend and the wrinkly smile and twinkly eyes she would give me when I showed her my recent efforts ..... The most significant thing I picked up from her was the benefit of anonymity in creating art. Feedback from a handfull of particular others was better than a room of clappers. Forty years later I'd say it's still too true ........ The Tacoma Art Museum staff put together a fine book of Virna's work and some history of this radical lady. Contact for a copy
Good to meet this radical lady , thanks to you, Jamie! -gw
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