Monday, October 10, 2011

On Blogs I May Never Get To: And blogs I try to keep up with

It's one thing to have one of my websites hacked again, and not notice it for two days. It's another to get it back up and running and then fail to autopost onto it for a week. So has a whole bunch of new posts on it, as of last night, all of a sudden.
There are three places to find Baha'i Views content: (the original version)
Baha'i Views posts dedicated to music can be found on this site:
Baha'i Views posts just on the social space within which I labor to establish the core activities, the Tacoma Invaders/Tigers football community, can be found here:
There are other blog projects I am associated with, one devoted to hiking with my colleagues from work during the noon hour:
Here's one I do for my work, devoted to early childhood mental health issues:
And here's a blog I did for a football player with great potential:
There are still some blogs lurking around that I may get to more once I'm retired, separate blogs just on canoeing, hiking, and camping, but then again, I may never retire, if Bonita has her way.
To the readers of, sorry about the delay in getting posts up. All of my Baha'i Views content is presently launched from the Posterous blogging platform at -gw

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