Friday, October 14, 2011

On Finding My Way To the Newest Official Baha'i Website: It was easy

It was easy. I put "" in my browser. I clicked on the top link. It took me to the website of the Regional Baha'i Council of the Northwestern States. I explored. There is so much to learn on the website. I intend to use this resource frequently.
I read about the training institute for the northwestern states and its unique role as an 'engine of growth." I found the link for my own cluster and found the listing of localities and administrative contacts. I read about the resposibilities of the Regional Baha'i Council itself and how it is elected. I found the page on the Area Teaching Committees and its responsibilities. Did you know that...
One particularly important responsibility of area teaching committees is what the Universal House of Justice describes as, “promoting the gradual increase in devotional meetings” within a cluster.
Here is our newest Baha'i Kim between Deb and Enayyat at a devotional in our cluster back in 2010. -gw

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