Friday, September 30, 2011

On Discovering Our Interconnections: It brings us all home

Nancy visited with Pesi at an Invaders game back in the Spring. Here's an update on our dear American Samoa-born Baha'i sister Elisapesi. -gw
Dear Friends,
While I called George immediately after OUR Feast on Tues to share my excitement, I wanted to share with the rest of you now.....some more fruits of the Invaders connections....
Pesi, the Samoan Baha'i friend George met, DID come to our Feast Tues. accompanied by Marian and Pattabi (who each live about 5 min from her). This was their first meeting since discovering that Marian stayed at Pesi's parents home in Samoa many years ago. Marian had called Doug after her initial phone call with Pesi to share the news since Doug's family pioneered to Samoa for 4 years when Doug was 12-16 yrs old!!  Since Pesi's home was the only one large enough to host all the Baha'is for Feast, all their Feasts during Moul's pioneering years were held there. Doug hung out with all the Baha'i teens in Samoa including a number of Pesi's older siblings. Their families knew each other very well!!!  What a wonderful reunion they had Tuesday evening!!!  Pictures were taken to email back to Pesi's mother in Samoa (who's coming for a visit next month).  Pesi shared a Samoan prayer and sang part of "Blessed Is the Spot" in Samoan.
ALSO, our Assembly had just consulted Monday night on making our Feasts more child centered. We were also celebrating Anna's coming of age at Feast. Almost the entire junior youth group, including 3 non-Baha'is were at Feast and we had the largest Feast attendance in over a year!! It WAS quite child focused and very joyful.  While Pesi did not bring her children, she has a 12,13 and 14 year old and promised she would bring them to the JYG, was quite delighted to have the opportunity for a Baha'i group for them!!  Arrangements were initiated to get her Baha'i membership transferred here from Samoa. She was invited and accepted to accompany Marian and Pattabi at the  devotional on Sat evening and Convention on Sunday. As we hugged when she was preparing to leave Feast she said to me "I'm home!".
Again, I am awed by the assistance we continually receive from the Divine Concourse for, surely, these connections and "coincidences" would never have occurred otherwise.  
Sending much love and gratitude,

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