Friday, September 30, 2011

On Traveling to Cleveland By Car: Now hiring machinists

I love the view from the backseat of a car. Every view is framed either by a seatmate, a window, or both, and it's fleeting. Catch it or forget it. Traveling by car on a rainy day in August from Wakeman to Mentor, Ohio, gave me only the most fleeting opportunity to experience the big city in between, Cleveland, but the few images I obtained will last a lifetime.
I heard on the news that the so-called Rust Belt of the North is doing better than the Sun Belt of the South in the current economy. I'd like to give credit to my cousin Tom whose business in Mentor is hiring. Good going, Rust Belt! -gw
Continually this wanderer supplicates and entreats at the threshold of His Holiness the One and begs assistance, bounty and heavenly confirmations in behalf of the believers.

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