Monday, October 03, 2011

On Our Annual Baha'i District Convention: The eyes have it

Fabulous photo ops at Baha'i Distict Convention. Fabulous meeting all around.
It was a first convention for a number of believers, Michelle from Salishan for one, here between Lisa and Chris.
This photo, which I've entitled "The eyes have it," goes well with an event that features consultation, don't you think?
An observation: There were three recommendations put up for a vote during general consultation. None of them passed (although the content would be passed on to National as suggestions, as always). My purely personal feeling is that what was being recommended in each case was already in place. In my purely personal view, all things considered, our Baha'i community, both locally and globally, is on track, thanks to the prudent actions of our National Spiritual Assembly and the institute process in operation everywhere in the world through the continuing guidance of the Universal House of Justice. All is well with my world.
I don't know if it was Pesi''s first District Convention ever, but it was her first in Pierce County. Welcome, Pesi, welcome! -gw

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