Saturday, December 04, 2010

On Reverb10, a 31 day Blog Writing Challenge: Each day I perform my ablutions and recite “Allah-u-Abha” 95 times

I'm writing this to let some of my dear ones know that I'm participating in reverb10, a 31 day blog writing challenge through the month of December.
- Katherine
Thanks, Katherine. The writing and reflecting is exquisite. -gw

Each day I write.  I write on my massage therapy blog.  I write on my computer and in my journal.  I write thank-you notes and reminders and love letters.  All of it contributes.  All of it matters.

Each day I read.  Each day I pray.  Each day I perform my ablutions and recite “Allah-u-Abha” 95 times.  My religious discipline, my background in service and fasting and faith, these are the only reasons I have developed the strength of will to write.  My writing would be lost without them.

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