Saturday, December 04, 2010

On the View from My Window: And on and on like the song go

To the mobile DJs with the pompadour fades
Rockin' Debbie Deb and Stevie B. all day
When I hear music, I can't wait to rock
New shoes, nothing less than some fresh hightops

And things happen for a reason, they say
But I say there's a reason things happen
And it wasn't all good way back in the day
Struggled then, struggle now, still standing

And on and on like the song go
I wonder if we took the wrong road
And it seems like so long ago
But you know where to go if you ever come home

"Morning of America" by the Blue Scholars

The view from my window. -gw
Awake, for, lo! the morning Light has broken. Arise, for His Cause is made manifest. The portal of His grace is open wide; enter therein, O peoples of the world! For He Who is your promised One is come!

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