Thursday, August 05, 2010

On Thou Hast Watched Over Me in the Heart of This Mountain: The evidences of Thy mighty splendour

Many members of the Dannells family have been in Glacier Park this week, taking in the view. Neither my son Tarazulllah nor me could make it. In anticipation of seeing the pictures I will soon be seeing from the Montana adventure, here is a pic of Taraz up on Mount Rainier taken a few years ago. -gw
HOW can I praise Thee, O Lord, for the evidences of Thy mighty splendour and for Thy wondrous sweet savours which Thou hast imparted to Me in this fortress, in such measure that nothing in the heavens or on the earth can compare with them? Thou hast watched over Me in the heart of this mountain where I am compassed by mountains on all sides. One hangeth above Me, others stand on My right and My left and yet another riseth in front of Me. Glory be unto Thee, no God is there but Thee. How often have I seen rocks from the mountain hurtling down upon Me, and Thou didst protect Me therefrom and preserved Me within the stronghold of Thy divine Unity.
The Bab
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