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On a Feast Letter Calling for Accompaniment: To whom is it addressed?

To see a real change in the quality of our clusters we need to see increased accompaniment at all levels. The coordinators will need to work closely with the tutors, the animators and the teachers of children classes. They will need to consciously work on improving the quality of our core activities so that the process of the transformation of society moves ahead at a faster speed. Accompaniment also needs to become the mode of functioning of our administrative institutions. Being in a learning mode and accompanying others are probably the two qualities that institutions need to imbibe. Speaking of learning, one thing we need to learn is how to apply the revelation of Baha’u’llah to the problems facing mankind. As learning takes place in this area we will be better able to cope with the challenges facing our community and the world at large.
So to whom is this addressed? It sounds like something that the friends in Tacoma might receive from one of the Baha'i institutions. This is an excerpt from a Feast letter, but not from the National Assembly here in the States, but from a Regional Baha'i Council in India. It demonstrates how unified in the plan the Baha'is around the world have become that we would be hearing a message directed to the friends there that sounds so appropriate to the needs of the A-clusters right here at home.
Here is another excerpt from that letter:
When we teach the Faith today we are not worried whether the person enrolls or not.What our concern is, am I building his capacity so that he is able to join us in building communities?
The letter notes...
How two decades back our main concern was enrolling the
Today the focus is on making friends.
The House says our culture has to move a little further. The House says it is not enough that you learn Anna’s presentation and go and give that, it says yes, learn Anna’s presentation, but use it for aconversation, and it says that teaching is establishing friendship with the seeker and the House says it is a friendship and connection of hearts and partly, Anna’s presentation. It is the depth of the conversation that these two friends have. The result of it may be a declaration, or the result of it is that this friend may say “I will join you in what you are doing to transform society’. And the House says both are accepted.
This from a country that has the most Baha'is of any in the world, The Indian community is not concerned with enrollments; those come inevitably. It is interested in changing lives and involving dedicated souls, Baha'i or not, in the Baha'i core activities that have the power to change the planet, neighborhood by neighborhood.
The wonderful Zabine passed on this letter.
Zabine Van Ness
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spraveenitpro | July 28, 2010

The Junior Youth of the Ashalaya School of under privileged Children in Bangalore india learning to sing the "Smile Song" as part of their Junior Youth Empowerment program every wednesday , The purpose of the program is to assit youth to develop a sense of responsibility, feel empowered for service, foster spiritual identity, create a moral structure in their lives, overcome peer pressure and develop the power of expression (by transforming thoughts, words and actions through study and service).

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