Friday, August 13, 2010

On Seasons Start and Seasons End: It starts with boys and ends with men

Tomorrow is Jamboree Day, a time for all the teams in the Upper Tacoma Youth Athletics football league to gather. Coach Charles and the Tacoma Tigers will be there. It will be bright, sunny and warm tomorrow, in stark contrast to last Saturday, which was chilly and dreary.
Last Saturday evening Coach Charles was up in Shoreline with the Tacoma Invaders who were playing a championship game under dark skies with occasional rain. The game didn't go well for the team, unfortunately. The mood of Invaders afterwards, like the skies, was somber.
One season ends and another begins. With nary a bit of a break, Coach Charles has four days of Tigers practice all in a row, then the Jamboree, more evenings of practice next week, and then the UTYA  season kick-off for the Tigers against the Panthers in a game played at old Truman Middle School on August 21st.
Seasons start and seasons end.
It starts with boys. It ends with men.
(Hey, that rhymes!)
BTW, Upper Tacoma is a newer name for the Hilltop neighborhood. -gw

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