Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Hardest Thing for Old Baha'is to Learn to Do: To offer a home visit first

The hardest thing for old Baha'is to learn in the new era of Baha'i teaching is not to feel compelled to invite seekers to activities that are outside the seekers own home. Come to my devotional/fireside/holy day observance or whatever! Best to first nurture the relationship with the seeker within the familiarity of the seeker's own home, rather than callenge them right at the outset to enter into the unknown of going to another home/center/other location.
Home visits should be the first step. And second. And third. Offer to do children's classes first in the seeker's own home, before trying to draw them into one somewhere else -- unless the children's class is in the seeker's own apartment complex or immediate vicinity. Offer to hold a devotional in their home first. Offer to start a study circle in their home first.
Of course, seekers themselves are conditioned to think in terms of going to a place (church) or to an event (service). "Where do you meet?" we're asked. "We meet in people's homes," we answer. Even though we tell them where they can go to be with us, often they don't take us up on our offer. It's human nature to feel hesitant to step out of the realm of the familiar for the unfamiliar. "May we meet in your home?" we should be asking. "What's a good day and time?"
I'm speaking to myself here, folks. -gw

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