Saturday, August 14, 2010

On Kalthleen Comes to Devotion: It's all about unity

Kathleen came to our Thursday devotions. She had visited the Baha'i booth at Ethnic Fest. Her story, as we learned, goes back 50 years. She participated in Baha'i community life back in 1961, but has been out of touch with Baha'is for years since. Her current passion is for Unity, the church founded by  Charles S. Fillmore in 1893. Unity -- what a name for a church, with reference in its name to, Baha'is would say, the spirit of the age, the pressing need towards which humanity is inevitably moving. The Unity School of Christianity is the largest of the New Thought metaphysical movements to come out of 19th Century America.
She loves world mujsic, I learned to my delight, the genre the best defines most of  the music on myu iod.. All I have up on our comuter in the living room is music by Baha'is, so that is what I played. "Meek and Lowly" from the Badasht album, a track of Kevin Locke's Earth Gift, "Remover of Diofficulies" from Mobious Street by the Bohnhoffs, "Bahji" by Randy Armstong and company, Tierney Sutton's opening track on Desire, and the like. These are not world beat tunes per se, but they constitute music from my world lately.
So I had a chance to share what is dear to me. She talked about the possibility of my sharing my music at her church. She said she would talk to the pastor.
Also present Thursday were Rocky and Cornelia with precious Liam playing with bristle blocks out on the front porch. -gw


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