Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On Religion Is the Source of Order in the World: Religion vs. spirituality, Pt. 78

Thanks, Alex, for passing this on. -gw

From: Alexander M Zoltai


From the article: "People will complain of religion's shortcomings. Anything that involves human beings has shortcomings. People do terrible things in religion's name, as they do in the name of every system, nationality, and often for no reason whatsoever. But consistently, people who are active in religious institutions give more to charity, volunteer more often, have better family lives, demonstrate lower levels of drug and alcohol addiction -- all the social indices that tell us something is right with them. On the other hand, put a large group of people who call themselves spiritual but not religious in one place and you get a sick society. We call it Hollywood.

"Yoke your spirituality to a system. Be religious."


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