Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On Swim, Eat, Pray: Feast in Pierce Peninsula

Jeff had some things to take care of, and I was happy to pick up his boys to take them for a swim. Tony had invited the friends to come early and enjoy the pool prior to a potluck and celebration of Baha'i Feast. The boys swam...
and enjoyed exploring seven acres.

Tony gave the boys and me a tour down to the two ponds at the lower edge of the property...

and then, by a circuitous route, back to the house. A resident deer added ambiance...
although giving us the look a cat gives, like we were something of a bother, before disappearing.

It was a guided tour with Tony pointing out his plans for the various "zones" he had identified for further landscaping and development.

We also talked music, as is our habit. (He likes Jesca Hoop: www.myspace.com/jescahoop).

The boys had a chance to experience not only the pool but the sauna.

Jamal said he had seen one before on Hannah Montana.

People kept arriving. Whereas at one point it seemed like there would be a small turnout for Feast, not surprising as many of the friends were still at summer school, as the evening progressed the numbers grew dramatically. there were quite a few children, much to the boys' delight, I'm sure.


Jeff, Jr., and Jarome had a chance to show their ability to do flips into the water, and then gymnastic flips on the lawn in front of an appreciative audience.

It was time to eat.
Then time for Feast. I asked the boys if they would like to stay for the prayers, and they said yes.
They were tuckered out at this point and seemed to enjoy just sitting, listening, and watching, as readings were shared...
teaching stories were told...
and a video from the Treasurer's Office was viewed...
The community members were still consulting, when Jamal asked if it was OK to go home now. I said, of course, and we slipped away. I know the boys enjoyed every minute of their day and had some great memories to share with their Dad. -gw

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