Wednesday, August 04, 2010

On Listen Up Baha'i Singer/Songwriters: On the fence

Just heard your new song. WOW!!

[On The Fence] I LOVE IT!! It's really an amazing piece of work and my opinion, I think you could get a major cover of it if that's something you want. I also LOVE your vocal on it. In short, I think you have a winner here. Look forward to hearing more as they roll off the line...again, thank you for sharing this great work with me!
David Pomerantz, wrote "Trying to Get the Feeling" recorded by Barry Manilow

It's been a while since I was so moved as I was by the title track of this album [A House Divided]. There is such energy and passion here behind a message the world desperately needs to hear. As I listened to the other cuts, I found much to enjoy as well. The variety Matthew brings to this one CD is impressive and intriguing. There is something here for everyone.
Dan Schafer, rennaissance man ...

Dude, I love this song [On The Fence], and I can prove it. I went to sleep with your refrain running through my head, and woke up with same. Nice singing, love the guitars, love the melody, arrangement, the writing, the singing, the way your heart was exposed (hope that didn't hurt) in your vocal, by the end of the song I felt like cheering for you.  (Both of you, actually.)  Something else I loved:  You proved again that dominant 7 chords are so cool, I know you know this, but on hearing that friendly dom7 chord after the nifty changes preceeding, the listener feels sort of an "aaah, here comes a nice chorus, and I know it's gonna be great!  Well, that's my take, anyway.
Paul Meredith, songwriter extraordinaire

The CD came out in 2006. I'm only listening to it in 2010. But I love the CD, Matthew Levine's voice on it, and especially the song "On the Fence." I am convinced these songs will be listened to over many decades to come, they are such Baha'i-inspired song classics. We will be treasuring this Baha'i music then, just we now, as a larger culture, treasure early rock and roll.

Matthew's life story, as told on the blog Befriended Stranger is a testament to the challenges that anyone attempting to make a living writing songs, whether Baha'i-inspired or not, faces. Listen up, young Baha'i singer/songwriters. -gw

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