Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Father's Day: Seek his good pleasure

I had a nice conversation with Charles who called yesterday to touch base. He's gonna have Sunday's off with the Upper Tacoma Youth League practices on Saturday instead, which bodes well for our getting together on that day. Of course, it's family gatherings for Father's Day for him today -- he texted me a father's day greeting this morning, as did my kids. Thanks, everybody.
Jeff, too, was celebrating Father's Day, so no study circle tonight. Funny, I ran into him at the convenience store this afternoon, and we talked again by phone this evening about getting a children's class started in his home for his boys and other kids in his apartment complex and the immediate neighborhood. He is working  evenings now, but can probably do something late afternoon, he said.
Jamie, too, was undoubtedly feted today, given the picture he took, above. The baby beard is cute, BTW. Is it a chocolate pudding mouth perhaps?  -gwd

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