Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Incognito At the Baha'i Devotional: We're all climbing Jacob's ladder

he dreamed . . . and behold a ladder--
Some writers are of opinion that it was not a literal ladder that is meant, as it is impossible to conceive any imagery stranger and more unnatural than that of a ladder, whose base was on earth, while its top reached heaven, without having any thing on which to rest its upper extremity. re JACOB'S LADDER. [Gen 28:10-22]:


I played some cool smooth jazz at our home Baha'i devotional on Thursday, namely, "Jacob's Ladder" by Incognito. Bonita loved it. So did the cat. Corrine joined us for prayers. I asked Corinne to share some of her fascinating life story -- she has suffered from schizpphrenia since she was a young adult. She has given me permission to share her videotaped story on Baha'i Views, which I will do in a separate post. -gw

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