Sunday, December 20, 2009

On Devotions at Rocky's This Time: The Covenant and cornbread

Rocky has come many times to the Thursday night Baha'i devotional in our home. Today Bonita and I went for the first time to the monthly devotional that is held in his home. What a  treat it was to be with the friends, hear their prayers and testimonies, and meet Rocky's wife. Rocky calls her Zee. She is Catholic and a long-time science teacher. She loves Egyptian history about the time of the pharaohs, of which there is much evidence in the house. Rocky and Zee love their kids and grandkids as the many family pictures all around the house attest.
We hung around in the kitchen until all the friends had arrived, then we all gathered in the living room for our prayers and reflections, returning to the kitchen for a potluck brunch afterwards. Early early to arrive and almost last to leave, we enjoyed the conversations all around. I particularly enjoyed watching the game of dominoes that was in progress. We look forward to coming back, next time with Sharoma, Charles, Rashid, Kim and Dylan, other dear souls who know Rocky and will appreciate his hospitality just as much we did. -gw

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