Sunday, December 20, 2009

On Learning How to Line Up: During a Ruhi Book 3 refresher Baha'i tutors put it all on the line

> It should be remembered that the purpose of the main sequence of courses in the Ruhi
> Institute's program, and its various branches, is the development of human resources -
> - in this specific case, Baha'i children's class teachers. The materials provided in
> Books 3 and 5 to create lessons for the children, as well as those in the books yet to
> come, can only be as effective as the teachers who use them. The success, then, of a
> national community in establishing a program for the spiritual education of its young
> people, with regular classes for different age groups, will depend largely on its efforts
> to systematically develop the capability of its teachers through a vibrant institute
> process.
Course Outline for Book 5
Ruhi Book 5: Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 2
Last weekend we held a Ruhi Book 3 refresher in our home on teaching Baha'i children's classes effectively . It was a powerful three hours, more powerful perhaps than anyone quite expected. The fun-est part was practicing lining up. We were on a roll with our role-playing. -gw

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