Monday, December 21, 2009

On NOT Elevating the Discourse of Society: Lou Dobbs Talks One World Government, The New World Order & Copenhagen

Egress and regress. Affimation and negation. Integration and disintegration.
We can point with our Internet finger to affirm practices that will carry mankind into the future or we can point at practices that are clearly destructive. Elevating the Discourse of Society is a new blog for Baha'is on the Internet you might want to check out.
Elevating discourse is, of course, a goal that Baha'is nobly aim towards. Below is an example of what, in my view, is an example of discourse that is in the destructive category. That the commentator is unabashed and well-known only underlines the the fact of the decline of society, which he rails against, yet actually represents.

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