Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On a Two Baha'i Fireside Uber Super Fun EXTRAVAGANZA Weekend: It's like ... two mints in one

This is, like ... Doublemint gum. -gw
With the discovery of DNA it was the double helix, then, with changing corriculums it was the double cogort, now, it's the uber-super-fun-japanese-canadian-not really japanese at all-double-fireside-weekend-EXTRAVAGANZA! Two firesides, Saturday at 7 we have Martin Braithwaite (He's baaaack...) talking on virtues and how to get good and why being good ain't so bad and the like, and Sunday at 7 we have a Professor of Native Studies from Alberta to talk about Native Spirituality Meets Baha'i Faith. Very cool.

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