Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Bosch's Music Industry Weekend:

Baha'is to know and in the know, musically speaking, attendees at Bosch this last weekend. Read Darrell's moment by moment account. I hope there is video of all this somewhere. His accounting makes it all sound so thrilling. -gw
Darrell Rodgers – Coordinator, Guitar, vocals
Deb Rodgers – Photographer (and audience advocate)
Jordan Rager – Bosch Deputy Administrator, guitar, drums, piano, vocals
Tyler Thompson – Piano, vocals, guitar
Robert Gillies – Piano, vocals, guitar & bass!
Alan James – Guitars, vocals
Russ Salton – Guitar, vocals
Chuck Thrapp -  Guitar, vocals
Jon Rezin – Bass, Percussion, expertise
Auntieclaire Rezin – Vocals & motherhood
Jerome Matthew – Percussion and wisdom
Borna Khavari – Percussion and youth
Nima Jalali – Guitar, vocals
Faraz Ghoddosi – Sax, Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Sena Ghoddossi – Drums & percussion
Ian McAleece – Guitar, Drums, vocals, percussion
Karen McAleece -  Guitar, vocals
John Armour – Native Flutes
Walter Heath -  Guitar, vocals
Angela Owens – Piano, vocals
Kyra Platte – Vocals
Jon Butah – Piano

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