Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Time Is Now for Onesoul: Hip hop in the heart of Missouri

More Baha'i-inspired hip hop. -gw

"Tyree S. O. Byndom and his daughter Klaye Daylene Byndom enjoy a celebratory song performed by Baha'i members at a devotional event held Sunday afternoon in Hallsville. The Baha’í religion teaches that humanity is a single race."
-Stephanie Rapp, "What is Bahai?"

"If we can come together with our history and our color,I think this shows that people can show commonality and love for one another,” Tyree said. Tyree and Jesca agree had it not been for the Baha’i teachings they wouldn’t have tried to love tried to love each other’sfamily as much as they d"
-Aaron Dohogne, "Baha’i Faith eases the tests that come with interracial marriage"

"Nytengale leads the devotional song in the background of this audio slideshow clip. Annie Lovell and Sahba Jalali explain the purpose of the gathering and talk about the religion that brought members together from across mid-Missouri."
-Melinda Lonkausky, "Mid-Missouri Bahai Members Come Together"


OneSoul Tyree and Jesca met in 1999 and formed the group ARKKE who later became known as "The Katalyzt's" and have evolved into their newest and final title "OneSoul". They are a husband and wife duo, who both sing and rap, do spoke...n word and comedy, they are also a black male and a white female, both of indigenous heritage as well. OneSoul are the deepest in the industry. They are inspired by the writings of Baha'u'llah and have created a new genre in music called Kovenant Hip Hop. They are focused on the community and when it is time to do more, God will guide OneSoul to where they are meant to be. 759 fans on Facebook


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