Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Writing for Wikipedia: A cooperative endeavour

I love Wikipedia. I can't imagine life without Wikipedia. I look up lots of stuff on Wikipedia. I've been using it for years, and I donate annually to Wikimedia Foundation. But I had never contributed anything to Wikipedia. I felt there is nothing I can write about, and that there is always somebody who can write better than me on any specific subject. ...
Leonid is Baha'i and just wrote his first article for Wikipedia, as he describes in a post on his blog. The collaborative process involved by which an article is honed into shape is very Baha'i-like, it seems to me. -gw
Writing a Wikipedia article turned out to be not so easy. Wikipedia uses its own markup language, with many templates, and it takes some time to get familiar with it. Also, the first version of the article was immediately changed by somebody else, which was a little painful at first :) But I got over it, as I realized that Wikipedia is a cooperative endeavour, with many people collaborating on articles and improving their quality all the time!

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