Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Living Within a Fortress for Well-being: The impact of having hepatitis C on a Baha'i marriage

Interferon gamma

... it is ironic that although I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, I suspect that it may actually be harder on my dear wife, Lauretta. It is to her that I turn each week when I do another treatment and need to be reminded that although this is "hard", it is "good". She reminds me that the interferon and ribavirin that I am taking are "my army of light"...killing the virus that has been attacking my body.

Being ill isn't easy, but being a Baha'i can help a person make sense of the illness. Having a loving partner as well is such a blessing. -gw

One of the many blessings that Hepatitis C has brought to me is that it has reminded me of how much in love I am and to experience that love over and over throughout the day! It has also allowed me to feel what it is like to live within a "fortress for well-being", a marriage which keeps me safe in times of tests. I feel that being sick has strengthened our fortress and my personal faith in God. I


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