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On Fox Hollow Folk Festival, Founded by a Baha'i: Performing there, Utah Phillips, David Bromberg, Leon Redbone & Bruce Cockburn

Subject: Obit: Evelyn Beers Burnstine (Fox Hollow)
From: GUEST,Sean
Date: 07 Oct 09 - 11:13 PM

Heard today that Evelyn Beers Burnstine passed away. I'm sure more than a few of us here remember the Fox Hollow Folk Festival, which she and her first husband Bob Beers founded in the 1960s, and which continued until 1980. Amazing to think of who appeared there over the years: Michael Cooney, Utah Phillips, Dan Smith, David Bromberg, Boys of the Lough (think Fox Hollow must've been one of the first places they played in the US), John Herald, Leon Redbone (!) and even some Canadian guy named Bruce Cockburn. And that's just a sampling.

Fox Hollow was a big-deal for folkies in the 70's. It was founded by a Baha'i, if this obit is any indication. -gw

Subject: RE: Remembering Fox Hollow
From: GUEST, Marty Beers Meshberg
Date: 08 Oct 09 - 11:37 AM

Dear Friends,

It has been such a long, long time since I have been in touch with many of you. Unfortunately I am the bearer of sad news. My mother, Evelyne Beers, passed away on Sunday, October 4th in hospital in Toronto from pneumonia. It was peaceful and painless. She was 84, and over the past year and a half the quality of her life was truly difficult . She had taken a very bad fall in August of 2008 and fractured 3 lumbar vertebrae. So, she was in constant pain, in a wheel chair and feeling pretty low down and depressed. Even at that, she still found it within her to sing and recount her memories of Fox Hollow and the wonderful supportive performers and friends who attended over a period of 14 years.

Her funeral was Tuesday Oct.6th) and was attended by my family and a small number of Baha'i friends. Since most of her "folkie" friends were in the United States, I found it so deeply sad that they were not able to send her off with a joyful noise as my father (Bob Beers) had been. Yet, I know that she has joined the heavenly concourse and that her spirit is now free and singing among the handmaidens of the Kingdom.

I ask that you pass this news along to her many friends.

Thank you for your assistance.
Love and best wishes,
Marty (Beers) Meshberg


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