Thursday, October 08, 2009

On 30 Minutes and $4 Later: I felt educated on special Persian fonts (thanks, Jimmy)

"Jimmy's Window"

Ah, the incidental mentions of the Baha'i Faith keep piling up. Maybe they're not so incidental. -gw

Woodlawn Tap, aka Jimmy's, has been a Hyde Park staple for more than 60 years (it was established in 1948 and run by -- you guessed it -- a guy named Jimmy) ... Newcomers: Pay no mind to the stares from the row of old-timers who swivel their bar stools, almost in unison, to ogle the newcomer. Work your way to the rear and hang a left into one of the seating rooms, where the October sunlight filters through the building's street-side windows, lighting the way for cheap grub and cheaper eavesdropping. Do as I was instructed by a regular: Order the grilled Swiss on rye and fries and grab a seat. Overheard during my luncheon: a conversation among three University of Chicago Ph.D. candidates on the subject of a special Persian font championed by members of the Baha'i faith. Thirty minutes and $4 later, I felt educated. (Thanks, Jimmy.),0,7597897.story

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