Thursday, April 10, 2008

On the Spirit of Service: It's your business

Larry Miller, Baha'i, has been a significant voice to American business. -gw

"Religion is on the march in both the East and the West. The pendulum has swung from a time when religion guided all of our affairs, to a time when religion and faith were presumed to be an illegitimate topic for consideration in public institutions. It is now swinging back to a time when we are seeking an integration of personal faith and public life.” - Larry Miller in
I came across a review of a book, Spiritual Enterprise: Building Your Business In the Spirit of Service, by Lawrence Miller, which talks about the spiritual principles that lie behind all successful business organizations. ...
“Honesty and trustworthiness are not only the foundation of virtue but of economic activity as well,” Miller writes, outlining how honesty and trust are essential for wealth creation, innovation and leadership.
Spirit at Work
By Noreen Kelly April 10, 2008


Michael L. Gooch said...

This is an excellent book that discusses the link between the spirit and profit. In my new book, Wingtips with Spurs, I discuss the connection between spirituality (not always religion) and the business arena and how all of things are connected. That is even at the physical level, vis. physics and quantum mechanics. Strange stuff but it proves how little we know. But then again, we do know, don't we.

George Wesley Dannells said...

Thank you, Michael. I'll have to check out your book.