Thursday, April 10, 2008

On Savannah GA, Cluster 19 WA, Madison 19 WI, and Albany Plus NY: It's all one neighborhood

Tonight we await the possibility that one of our new declarants and her mother will come over to the weekly devotional meeting in our home. Watching the Baha'i Newsreel last night about that neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia, I felt a sense of oneness. We are doing in our own Hilltop neighborhood what they have been doing in theirs. We are one with them. And the friends in Madison. And the friends in Albany Plus. And every other locality that is arising in the present glorious moment. -gw

Last night I attended Feast at the Baha'i Center in Madison. I really enjoyed myself. There were about 25 people there. While my home Cluster has recently been promoted to B Cluster status (Yea!!! Albany Plus) the Madison area "Wisconsin 19" has just been promoted to A Cluster status. The business portion of Feast was spent preparing for their first Intensive Program of Growth.

I ask that you pray for their success. The program kicks off next weekend - on Ridvan. This group has opted to go door to door through several neighborhoods combined with an outreach at nearby University of Wisconsin - Madison spearheaded by the College Club. Counselor Birkland is coming to go door to door as are their 2 Auxiliary Board members and the entire RBC.

In listening to the congratulatory letter I could not help but notice how close Albany Plus is to being an A best we can tell we have about 10 less believers that have completed the Ruhi Series. This area has Children's classes and a special class for Junior youth - our area is heading towards regular children's classes again, and maybe in multiple areas. They have multiple weekly devotional gatherings and have a cadre of 25 non-Baha'i's attending Ruhi and or devotions. Of course having a neighborhood based Baha'i Center helps greatly.

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Jim Habegger said...

I like the idea of posting stories about Intensive Growth Programs. I think it can help Baha'is in clusters at every stage understand better what they need to be doing to help move their clusters through the stages. It can also help them put their heart into it.