Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On a Big First Step of Consolidation: We felt a little awkward at first, not having met her before

Three dear souls, two adults and one young child, visit a new believer, one of three from Tacoma's recent door-to-door campaign. -gw

We visited with her this morning and presented the first of the Book 2 deepening themes to her, on The Eternal Covenant of God. We felt a little awkward at first, not having met her before (and this being our first time doing the practice of Book 2) but we launched right in and soon were having a warm dialogue as we worked through the material. We used the quote cards "á la Anna's presentation" which worked well, and we left her with those five quotes. Also I took a cd from our children's classes which has about 7 tracks on it of prayers and quotes the kids have been working on learning this year, and a flier about our children's classes. Her husband was cleaning up the kitchen as we were talking and although we introduced ourselves and he smiled, he kept on doing his work but at one point very deliberately came into the living room to turn down the tv volume for us.

She is married and has two daughters, age 6 and age 3 and two cats. She is from the Tacoma area originally and has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her sister is currently serving in Iraq and will be there until January. Prayers for her protection please. She currently works at a plastics factory, but is trying to get a job at Walmart where she previously worked.

We told her about Feast, but she's working this evening, and we mentioned study circles and encouraged her to bring the kids to children's classes. We exchanged phone numbers and asked if it would be okay for us to come back next Wednesday and she said that would be great.

Thank you for your prayers and this wonderful opportunity to practice our skills acquired from Ruhi. We really enjoyed our morning.
With much love...

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