Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On a Taxonomy of Baha'i Blogs: From Apologia to Youth

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Here is a taxonomy of Baha'i blogs as provided in one of the papers available from the Baha'i Internet Agency. Baha'i Views is a re-posting blog primarily, so shares elements of all of these categories. -gw

Apologia: blogs focused on contemporary issues and current events

Community: blogs created for and used by a Bahá’í community to share and publicize

Personal: individual blogs created for the purpose of sharing information from the perspective of an individual

Socio-Economic Development: blogs with content related to SED projects and themes

Spirituality: blogs focused on spiritual questions, themes and other related content

Youth: blogs created and maintained by Bahá’í youth


RuhiWarrior19 said...

But, I run an Apologetic Personal Youth blog... I feel so left out of the scheme ! :P

George Wesley Dannells said...

Hybrids are good!