Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Carrying out the Four Core Baha'i Activitities: Performed by Baha'is everywhere in a collective effort

A 19-year-old Baha'i from Florida goes to Swaziland for service. -gw

I received word that I and two other Baha'is are being sent to a small town near Piggs Peak for a two-week long intensive teaching campaign. Our roles will be guides to accompany and encourage Baha'is to carry out the four core activities (devotional gatherings, children's classes, junior youth groups, and study circles about spiritual themes) which are performed by Baha'is everywhere in a collective effort to help our communities socially and economically develop, as well as spiritually develop. We will also help them to teach receptive people about the Baha'i Faith directly.


{Photo: Uploaded on January 7, 2006 by Aaanderl on flickr,

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