Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Times Have Changed in Savannah GA: Done with "talking about it"

"Savannah Negro Quarter, 1935" Uploaded on May 28, 2007 by on flickr, Public Domain.

New on today. Spread the news. -gw

Things has changed in the Savannah Area Cluster since the Birth of Baha’u'llah, in November 2007.

The once small quiet community in Savannah GA which was content with “talking about it” has now become a wonderfully, wild experience in which 45 new believers have transformed any trace of “before”!

Feasts which used to have 4-5 Baha’is now buzz with over 40, most of whom are children, junior youth, and youth. Last night’s Feast of Sovereignty featured 14 adults and 26 younger Baha’is. All prayers and writings were read by the younger friends and they were great. The spiritual growth visualized in these kids has been remarkable in the last 3 months.

Sunday children’s classes which used to have 8 children or junior youth who were not yet Baha’is are now classes which regularly host 18-20 children most of which are new Baha’is. Three mothers and one grandmother of children and junior youth have declared, eager to learn more about this Faith that their children, in part, are teaching them about. ...

A B-cluster transformed by new (young) Baha’is

... Speaking of great results, we had a declaration this weekend! This was someone that was not a contact from the door to door, but the teachers did utilize concepts from Anna’s Presentation to teach him the Faith. In addition, one woman we met going door to door just started attending firesides and learning about the Faith, before we met her! Imagine the confirmation for her, as a new seeker, to have Baha’is come to her home and find out they’re her neighbors!! In fact, she and her family will be starting a Book 1 very soon! ...

Halfway through the Howard County/Laurel IPG

The teaching work in San Diego cluster is progressing beautifully. By the end of yesterday, Jan 16th (four days into the expansion phase), there have been 10 new Baha’is (5 declarations and 5 children registrations). One of the teachers has shared his story below. ...

During the consolidation phase in Phoenix the declarations keep coming in! 6 more declarations have been added to the 34 (plus 35 children registrations) they had at the end of 2 weeks expansion phase. ...

Declarations across the Southwest

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