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On Friends of the Faith: He will pray that the dearest wishes of your heart may be realized

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It's always nice to have friends. -gw
Letter of 29 November 1952
To an individual

Dear Spiritual Brother:
Your letter dated February 13th, 1952, has been received by Shoghi Effendi, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

We are always happy to have friends of the Bahá’í Faith, and have counted amongst them many fine souls who for one reason or another cannot seem to take the step forward of working actively for that which we cherish so highly.

Shoghi Effendi is pleased to see that you are a staunch friend of the Canadian Bahá’ís; for truly in their struggles, the more friends they have amongst the general public, the better.

There are, no doubt, always grounds for criticism. The Bahá’ís are not perfect, and are not able, at present at least, to put into practice all the things they stand for. However, he feels that if you compare them to the people of the world in general, you will find a high average of sincerity and dedication to a great ideal, and a tangible effort being made on their part to live up to that which they preach. As time goes by, and there are larger communities of Bahá’ís believing in the same things, it will obviously become easier for them to put them into community practice. Perhaps sometime you will feel moved to help them. Your collaboration would be most welcome.

He will pray that the dearest wishes of your heart may be realized, and sends you his kind regards.
Yours truly,
R. Rabbani

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