Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Truth, Free Will, and Ruhi: Seeking

Tonight is study circle night in our home. Todd, too, knows the joys of Ruhi. -gw

A Seeker of Truth, Free Will, and Ruhi Study Circles
This blog post is a response to a friend of mine who, upon hearing criticisms of the Baha'i Faith from his friends, decided to investigate matters for himself and join a Ruhi Study Circle. I have copied my response below:

"Seeker," uploaded on December 7, 2007 by k.flight on flickr
Great to hear from you too. I think you are quite wise in discovering the truth of any matter with your own eyes and ears. That is actually the nature of a study circle. Far from being a forum whereby someone with an agenda attempts to impose a belief upon another, it is a loving and trusting environment wherein we all embark on a collaborative quest for truth and understanding. Questioning is an integral part of the independent investigation of truth, ...

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