Sunday, November 18, 2007

On a Gift of Music: From Louhelen with Love

My son Tarazullah mailed me this CD from Louhelen when he was doing his Year of Service there. There are so many good songs on this compilation. These songs are now available for free download from the Louhelen site. -gw

Fruits of the Spirit CD

Friends of Louhelen have contributed to a music collection called “Fruits of the Spirit”. Selections are now available to download.

To download a selection (Windows users), click your right mouse button on the link and select "Save Link as..." from the menu.

1. You Can Call on Him *
(Ernestine Atkins)
Voices—Ernestine Atkins, Kay Yoder
Drums—Aaron Ferrara
Track produced and engineered by Chris Ruhe and John Ebata

2. The Nightingale *
(Chris Ruhe)
Voice—Nuria Pettier

3. Glory Be to My Lord *
(Bahá’í Writings, music by Chris Ruhe)
Fluegelhorn—Gray Bishop*

4. Equal but not the Same *
(Susan Engle)
Voices—Susan Engle and Khalil Moutrie

5. Healing Prayer *
(Bahá’í Writings, music by Dan Darling)
Voice and Piano—Dan Darling
Fluegelhorn—Gray Bishop

6. Bahá’u’lláh *
(Chris Ruhe)
Voices—Chris Ruhe and John (Beaujack) Mangum
Saxophone—Alastair Drong

7. Call of the Peace Warrior *
(Bea Castro)
Cedar Flute—Bea Castro

8. Refresh and Gladden *
(Bahá’í Writings, music by Kathy Tahiri)
Voice—Sarah Scott
Keyboard—Kathy Tahiri

9. Love Is the Secret *
(Bob Simms)
Guitar—Bob Simms
Louhelen Children’s Choir—Justin Lepard, Thomas Voutsos, Raina Peterson, Daniel Rosenfield, Matthew Lozen-Kowalski, Paula Zitnick, Corinne Taborn, Noah Sawyer, and Bob Simms

10. The Queen of Carmel *
(Jeannie Merday)
Voices—Tracy Freeman and Jan Rhody
Piano—Jan Rhody

11. The Vision of Louhelen *
(Words of Shoghi Effendi, music by Daniel Lorsignol)
Guitar—Daniel Lorsignol
Voices—David Freeman and Rhonda Schmicker

12. This Is Faith *
(Words by Ruhiyyih Khanum, Queen Marie of Romania, and Chris Ruhe. Music by Chris Ruhe)Voice—Florence Carter

13. Kam Kam Ruz Beh Ruz *
(Bob Simms)
Guitar and Voice—Bob Simms
Voices—Louhelen Children’s Choir (see track 8)

14. We Have Come to Sing Praises *
(Van Gilmer)
Voices—Van and Cookie Gilmer, Ernestine Atkins, Kay Yoder
Piano—Van Gilmer

15. We Can Move the World *
(Joe Crone)
Voices—Joe Crone, Shirlene Zarin-Taj Brown, Ernestine Atkins, Kay Yoder
Keyboards and Programming—John Ebata**

16. Paradise of the Placeless
(Bahá’í Writings, music by Red Grammer)
Voice and Guitar—Red Grammer

17. Make Thy Beauty *
(Bahá’í Writings, music by John Ebata)
Voice—Shirlene Zarin-Taj Brown
Piano—John Ebata**

18. The Generation of Light
(Music from Armenian Folk Tradition, words by Dr. Iraj Khadem)
Music track and production—Louie Shelton

19. Keep Holding On *
(Shirlene Zarin-Taj Brown)
Voices—Shirlene Zarin-Taj Brown, Ernestine Atkins, Kay Yoder
Keyboards and programming—John Ebata**

20. Musical Interlude in Bayate-Esfahan
(Kiu Haghighi)
Santour and Tombak—Kiu Haghighi

21. Bahá’u’lláh Wam *
(South African Melody)
Voice—Ruhiyyih Yuille
Drums—Saleef Kafajouffe

22. Protect Us *
(Words by the Báb, music by Ernestine Atkins)
Voices—Ernestine Atkins and Kay Yoder
Piano—John Ebata**

*Songs recorded at Louhelen, July 2001
**These tracks produced and engineered by John Ebata
***All other guitars, keyboards, percussion and voices by Chris Ruhe

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