Sunday, November 18, 2007

On Songs of the Nightingale: From the Baha'i Writings and the iPod

"Thrush Nightingale - Luscinia luscinia,
Russia, Moscow, 05/15/2007" Uploaded on May 16, 2007 by Sergey Yeliseev on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Some rights reserved.

O Brother! Not every sea hath pearls; not every branch will flower, nor will the nightingale sing thereon. Then, ere the nightingale of the mystic paradise repair to the garden of God, and the rays of the heavenly morning return to the Sun of Truth—make thou an effort, that haply in this dustheap of the mortal world thou mayest catch a fragrance from the everlasting garden, and live forever in the shadow of the peoples of this city.

Let Bahá’u’lláh Himself shed the illumination of His words upon our path as we steer our course amid the pitfalls and miseries of this troubled age. More than fifty years ago, in a world far removed from the ills and trials that now torment it, there flowed from His Pen these prophetic words: “The world is in travail and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned towards waywardness and unbelief. Such shall be its plight that to disclose it now would not be meet and seemly. Its perversity will long continue. And when the appointed hour is come, there shall suddenly appear that which shall cause the limbs of mankind to quake. Then and only then will the Divine Standard be unfurled and the Nightingale of Paradise warble its melody.”

The mystic nightingale is singing for them; will they not listen? The bird of paradise is warbling; will they not hear? The Angel of the Kingdom of Abhá is calling to them; will they not hearken? The Messenger of the Covenant is pleading; will they not heed?

Thou must warble, like the nightingale of significances, in the rose garden so that thou mayest inspire all the birds of the meadow to chant and to sing.

He is the King, the All-Knowing, the Wise! Lo, the Nightingale of Paradise singeth upon the twigs of the Tree of Eternity, with holy and sweet melodies, proclaiming to the sincere ones the glad tidings of the nearness of God, calling the believers in the Divine Unity to the court of the Presence of the Generous One, informing the severed ones of the message which hath been 210 revealed by God, the King, the Glorious, the Peerless, guiding the lovers to the seat of sanctity and to this resplendent Beauty.

Thus doth the Nightingale utter His call unto you from this prison. He hath but to deliver this 211 clear message. Whosoever desireth, let him turn aside from this counsel and whosoever desireth let him choose the path to his Lord.

A few song of the Nightingale from my iPod. -gw

"Nightingale," Carole King, Her Greatest Hits: Songs from Long Ago
He needs to hear a tender word
Won't you sing him home again
Nightingale, she sails away up on a sea of song
Nightingale, she serenades his lonely, lonely life along

"Nighingale of Paradise, Adrienne Ewing-Roush, Lift Up Your Voices and Sing, Vol. 1
Nightingale of Paradise, you sing of love
Flooding all the world with light

"Respighi: The Birds - The Nightingale," Louis Lane: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Bella Tuscany

"The Nightingale," Nuria Pettier, Fruits of the Spirit
The nightingale is singing
All over the world
All over the world
The nightingale, Baha'u'llah
The nightingale, Baha'u'llah

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