Thursday, October 18, 2007

On "天行健 君子以自强不息": My negative thoughts have been evaporating

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Tim has got it together. -gw

I got a Chinese name in the summer, it's 天行, pronounced tyen (high tone) hsing (rising tone). The Chinese volunteers chose it for me: it literally means something like "walk in the sky", though it also refers to a saying by Confucius "天行健 君子以自强不息", apparently meaning that "as heaven keeps active and vigorous, so a gentleman makes unremitting efforts to improve himself". ...

Probably the biggest influence on my life here though is that I've been reading a lot of Baha'i books, and hence my negative thoughts have been gradually evaporating and being replaced by an inner altruism that grows by the day, which is nice.

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