Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Tailored Music for Baha'i Study Circle: Songs for Devon, Walter, and 'ol GW

These were songs I played last night during our Ruhi 1 class. -gw
"Stairway to Heaven," Dolly Parton, Halos and Horns
[because Devon plays guitar and likes classic rock, especially Led Zepplin, and Dolly Parton has turned this song into something totally spiritual, reminding me of the classic "Jacob's Ladder."]

"Morning Sun," Lin Cheng, Embrace the World, Vol. 1
[because Walter likes Chinese music, and the Chinese violin sounds so ethereal.]

"Cause me to Taste," Roses of Love Singers, Music and Conversation
[because I love songs in 3/4 time, especially African American gospel]

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