Monday, October 01, 2007

On the Blogrolls of Baha'is: Guess the Baha'i Blogger, Game 2

It's time for another On the Blogrolls of Baha'is: New Online Game, "Guess the Baha'i Blogger". Here is what happened the last time I did this: The blogger of the blog featured in Game 1 invited me to become a member of Facebook, an offer I happily accepted, noting that that vehicle is probably a better way to study connections between Baha'is in the blogosphere than blogrolls, but here I go again. Below is the blogroll of a personal blog. Guess the Baha'i blogger! -gw
Arash City
Arya's Blog
As Is
ask yourself
Badi Blog
Baha'i Faith in Egypt
be brave and of good courage
Cadence of Hemispheres
Calico Sarah
danio the domino
delara, interrupted
doberman pizza
The Evening Postevolution
.farshid sedghi.
Galaxy Guide
girl anachronism
Greg's NABIdio-matic-logic
If I Only Had a Blog
I like your sleeves
i'm here
Inkblot: Interpret as you will.
Isaac Freeman
i try to laugh at whatever life brings
it's right here...
Juliet Martinez
Junky School Bus
kovu's blog is in Houston
Lemony Webbles
like a fish needs a bicycle...
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
man on fire
maybe you'll see
meisa's lagoon
Millipede, Jr.
Mishkin Berteig
Mojan Sami
Mystic Logic...
My Window to the World
Peaceful Core
The Pilgrim Notes
Povo de Bahá (in Portuguese)
Random expressions
Reading Ahead
The Restoration of ME
a rockstar of the computer science dept
samzeb for the ages
Shokufeh is... home
Sliding Thoughts
SoDak Saint
Space Cadet - First Class
Stories about the Rez
This Is Me Breathing
This Is My Blogger!
The Thrilling Spark
Toast for Brekkie
VafaHashemi Online

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Steve Marshall said...

atoms into suns - Google is my friend.

dan said...

There aren't a lot of blogs that link to Vafa's site ;)