Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On the Blogrolls of Baha'is: New Online Game, "Guess the Baha'i Blogger"

Blogging is another way by which bonds between people are developed, a sense of communuity is enhanced, and unity established in the world. A blog is a node on the 'net. Regular blog-readers become aware of the connections between blogs and bloggers. Those connections are evident when we peruse a blogger's blogroll on the sidebar. Blogrolls are not always kept up to date, but they still are a reflection of the uniqueness of the individual blogger.

(When blogrolls aren't kept up, it's referred to as a "cold in the node." Just a joke, folks.... Heck, I've hired my son to bring my blogroll up-to-date. Hope he gets to it soon.)

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! This is to announce an new online game here at Baha'i Views, which may be offered occasionally. Below is the blogroll of a personal blog. Guess the Baha'i blogger! -gw

Love from Leila
Baha'i Views
Pieter's Blog
Flitzy Phoebie
Bamboo Village Press
Heather Cardin
Wendi's Wanders
Barnabus Quotidianus
Pan Shiyi
Du Sufen
Entropy Pieces
Life with Hannah and Lily

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Steve Marshall said...

It's easy when google is your friend -- "Child of africa"