Thursday, May 31, 2007

On a Personal Attempt to Understand: Neysn Is Sharing

The increasing quality of Baha'i blog content is amazing. Another case in point: Caring is Sharing: a personal attempt to understand by neysn in the Czech Republic. Check out these post titles and see if you can resist clicking over to read these quality reflections. Betcha can't. -gw

do we need Baha’u\'llah?
the challenge: from global warming to ruhi

“He taught me how to teach”:
our dominating passion a challenge?

contemplating prayer and lip service:
the Bible and Baha’u\'llah

a hybrid of starfish and spiders:
what Toyota and the Baha’i Administration have in common

a church in search of itself?
Prophecy Fulfilled

Photo: Hluboka, Czech Republic, uploaded on February 12, 2007 by Hamy_Hai on flickr

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neysn said...

very kind of you. God bless.