Monday, April 16, 2007

On the One True God: Many Names

Melodrama had a discussion about God with a passenger while flying to Israel. -gw

...had an interesting conversation with a female Evangelical Christian Pastor... She was actually really nice, and didn't try to push her beliefs on us ... We also gave her a really brief intro on the Baha'i Faith, although she had heard of it before. However, when we explained that everyone has the same God -- whether they call it Allah, or God, or Lord, or whatever -- she said that their faith didn't exactly believe that Allah is their God. ... I said, "So you know that 'Allah' is just the word 'God' translated into Arabic, right? So even Arab Christians call God 'Allah,' and Christian Iranians call God 'Khoda,' and so on..." ... she kind of just said "oh, ok" and changed the subject!!

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Bilo said...

A church in a very small town in Alabama had the following big sign on its billboard: "There is only one God and His name is NOT Allah."
Would you like to talk to the pastor of that congregation?