Monday, April 16, 2007

On Devotionals and "A Baha'i Perspective": Gerald's Vision Becomes All-Embracing

It is thrilling to read 16 year-old Gerald's posts of discovery as he continues to write of his investigation of the Baha'i Faith on his blog Walking the Ninefold Path: My personal journey to faith through the glory of Baha. He has attended his first devotional with Baha'is of Nampa, Idaho. He continues to deepen his understanding of the Faith using the Internet as a connection to the world and has been listening to interviews on "A Baha'i Perspective". -gw

A Baha'i Perspective
I heard something when listening to a series of interviews on the show “A Baha’i Perspective” that made so much sense to me, and a thought that previously seemed like evidence for the fallacy of religion. The idea that God created all men is incoherent with most religions, because most religions are culturally bonded. If you grow up in Mississippi, USA it is hard not to grow up a Baptist, and the same goes for Hindus in India, and any other world religion. If truth is true, it should be universal, and I think it is pretty arrogant of any culture to claim a monopoly on religion. I do not think however that it is impossible to embrace the universal nature of religion without being Baha’i....

Gerald, "Devotionals," Walking the Nine-Fold Path

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Gerald said...

Perhaps it would have made sense to make a post about it, but I don't make much sense sometimes, but I declared on the 12th day of Ridvan. I have allot to learn, and I look forward to it. I can't say that there are not things I wil have to learn to better understand, but Baha'u'llah is the Manifestation of God for our age, and the Bab his forerunner as well as an Independent Manifestation, and nothing but the Reality of god is truer to me, so I have no doubt I will figure those things out. Like homosexuality, which made no sense to me, I just realized it made sense after declaring, and I made a post about it.