Monday, April 16, 2007

On Pasta Night With the Baha'is: Not a single preachy person there

Dane gets hungry and goes to Pasta Night. -gw

Wednesday I was insanely hungry and in a bad mood. An old friend of mine, Elsa, stiff-armed me into going to a Pasta night with some people she had just met. I was leery because it was hosted by a baha'i group and I really didn't wish to be preached at. But, by some adventuresome whim, I went along. And I must say, it really was fun. There was not a single preachy person there. They were all college age kids, psedo punk/ indie dressed, mutlicultural, and very liberal (even more-so than me). It was excellent chatting with complete strangers about rubick's cubes and 3D glasses. I only got to know the guy who hosts it, I think his name is Ben, Elsa's friend Mona, and another girl who's name escapes me. Perhaps I'll do it again. It really set a good tone for the week.

[Re-posted with permission]
"Pasta Flower," Uploaded on June 24, 2006 by Red Giraffe on flickr

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