Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Invitation to Dialogue: Baha'i Apologetics

Ron Price provides an orientation to Baha'i apologetics and conveys an invitation to dialogue on Volconvo, "a debate forum for the discussion of political, religious, and news-based topics." -gw

I have always been attracted to the founder of the Baha'i Faith's exhortations in discussion to "speak with words as mild as milk," with "the utmost lenience and forbearance." I am also aware that, in cases of rude or hostile attack, rebuttal with a harsher tone may well be justified. It does not help an apologist to belong to those "watchmen" the prophet Isaiah calls "dumb dogs that cannot bark."(Isaiah, 56:10) Still, for me, I prefer a less harsh tone when criticizing the views of others.

In its essence apologetics is a kind of confrontation, an act of revealing one's true colours, of hoisting the flag, of demonstrating the essential characteristics of one's faith. And we all have faith, for faith is the placing of one's emotions around one's assumptions whatever these assumptions may be--secular or sacred.

Ron Price, "Apologetics," Volconvo
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